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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Need An Estate Plan

Grandparents raising their grandchildren is not a new trend but today the number of grandparents doing so is trending significantly upwards.

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Mindy, food and Metabolism

Why Mid-Life Eating Disorders Are On The Rise

Most people believe that eating disorders only affect adolescents and young women. However that is not actually the case. The truth is midlife eating disorders are on the rise.

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Women preparing to paint walls

Aging: Will We Still Be Relevant ‘When We’re 64’?

A gnawing sense of irrelevancy and invisibility suddenly hits many aging adults, as their life roles shift from hands-on parent to empty nester or from workaholic to retiree. Self-worth and identity may suffer as that feeling that you matter starts to fade.

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Roxanne contemplates retirement and working

Work & Retirement: Balance Making A Living With Having A Life

Many of us baby boomers are at the age when we’re contemplating (or yearning for) retirement.

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Randy grabs Laurie's cell phone

The Shocking Day My Husband Intervened And Took My Cell Phone

The other morning my husband Randy did something so unexpected, so out of the blue, so sudden, so surprising, I gasped in sputtering disbelief.

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How Would CalExit Secessionists Manage Social Security?

CalExit is a vote scheduled in 2019 on whether California should hold a referendum on independence from the United States.

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