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Is It Time to Change the Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’?

As more indoor venues require proof of vaccination for entrance and with winter looming, scientists and public health officials are debating when it will be time to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include a booster shot.

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Self-Administered Test Predicts Early Signs Of Dementia Sooner

Many people experience forgetfulness as they age, but it’s often difficult to tell if these memory issues are a normal part of aging or a sign of something more serious.

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Omicron And Other COVID Variants: What You Should Know

Americans, already weary of a pandemic nearly two years long, were dealt a new blow during the long Thanksgiving weekend: the announcement that a new coronavirus variant had emerged.

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Many Older Americans Plan To Take Long Trips

Nearly one in three older adults plans to pack their bags for a long trip far from home in the next year, and many look forward to holiday travel in the next two months, a new poll finds. 

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Potato latkes

Continue The Holiday Feasting With Hanukkah Potato Latkes

From turkey and cranberry sauce straight to potato pancakes in one weekend. Not bad!

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Salsa Verde Tacos Salvage Dry Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving leftovers are an easy meal to put on repeat, but the turkey gets drier and drier with each day. The key to salvaging it is rehydrating it in a flavorful sauce that turns it into a completely different meal. 

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