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Senior man taking cough syrup while reclining on hospital bed

Medicare Patients Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage

Medicare paid for Betty Gordon’s knee replacement surgery in March, but the 72-year-old former high school teacher needed a nursing home stay and care at home to recover.

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Strawbery Banke

Historic Village, Strawbery Banke, Hosts Food & Wine Festival

Vintage & Vine offers more than 1,000 guests an opportunity to chat with knowledgeable wine and restaurant partners as they nibble and sip their way through the 10-acre, enchanting historical village.

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Genetic-Testing Scam Targets Seniors And Rips Off Medicare

The 86-year-old woman in rural Utah doesn’t usually answer solicitations from strangers, she said, but the young couple who knocked on her front door seemed so nice.

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Viking River Cruises Offers Carefree European Travel

It was early morning as our Viking long ship, Alruna, docked in the little town of Breisach, Germany.

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social security

Social Security 2100 Act Aims To Fix The Entitlement

According to bill sponsors, the Social Security 2100 Act increases benefits for all current and future Social Security recipients, cuts taxes for almost 12 million seniors, and ensures the system remains solvent for the rest of this century.

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Robocalls robocall

Is There A Way To Prevent Robocalls?

Collecting a person’s phone number is not a hard task these days. They are shared on the internet through social media platforms and other online channels.

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