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Remdesivir Trial: Ailing Couple Gambles COVID-19 Cure

For 10 days last month, they lay in side-by-side isolation units in a Seattle-area hospital, tethered to oxygen and struggling to breathe as the coronavirus ravaged their lungs.

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Music Soothes Soul During COVID-19 Pandemic

In Italy, people isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic stood on apartment balconies, singing “Bella Ciao” together into the night.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living: Should You Bring Mom Home?

Most retirement complexes and long-term care facilities are excluding visitors. Older adults are asked to stay in their rooms and are alone for most of the day.

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Ageist Media? Introducing Our Very Old Next President

The alignment of Donald Trump,73, alongside Biden and Sanders in the political arena has brought out all the ageist canards that lie just below the veneer of American politics.

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A Grandparent Worries About Emotional Toll On Children

Children now may be wondering if Grandma and Grandpa are old, but as a grandmother I’m concerned about the emotional risks the near panic invading society is causing for young people.

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Seniors: Programs Struggle To Reach Vulnerable At Home

Older adults who otherwise might have had chronic illness checkups may now deteriorate at home, unnoticed. If they don’t go out, their mobility could become compromised, a risk for decline.

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