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Feline friendly? How To Build Rap-Paw With Your Cat

This eye narrowing action by humans generates something popularly known as a cat smile: The so called “slow blink.”

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What Is the Risk of Catching the Coronavirus on a Plane?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tried to alleviate fears of flying during the pandemic at an event with airline and rental car executives.

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Exercise & Diet More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large

If your life these days is anything like mine, a pre-pandemic routine that included regular exercise and disciplined eating has probably given way to sedentary evenings on a big chair, binge-watching reruns of your favorite TV series while guzzling chocolate ice cream or mac ’n’ cheese.

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How Do You Know It’s OK to Go Into A Restaurant Or Store?

Just because many businesses are open again doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. The coronavirus is still on the loose which means people have to make serious choices about their health all day, every day.

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What To Do With Your Stuff The Kids Don’t Want

Parents who are downsizing or simply decluttering may have to get creative at finding homes for all their unwanted possessions; particularly these days.

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Art Ballard loads a 25-pound plate onto the leg press. “At my age, the best thing you can do is find a routine.”

Gym Helps 91-Year-Old Battle Isolation

Most mornings, like clockwork, you could find Art Ballard pumping iron. At least five days a week, he drove to Foothill Gym, where he beat on the punching bag, rode a stationary bike and worked his abs.

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