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Feminist icon, NOW, turns 50: What’s next?

Fifty years ago, when a small group of activists founded NOW, the immediate issue that motivated them was sex discrimination in employment. They were irate that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was refusing to ban “Help Wanted Male” and “Help Wanted Female” job advertising.

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Vegetable gardens can be pretty as well as functional

Even a local farm or farmers market can’t offer vegetables as fresh as those straight from the back yard.

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Another reason to stay active as we age

If you’re an avid runner, logging dozens of miles every week and you happen to be over 65, odds are you’re burning oxygen at nearly the same rate as a runner in her 20s.

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Are you applying your sunscreen properly?

Protecting skin from the sun is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, many people fail to take sufficient measures, especially in summer when skin exposure tends to be at its peak.

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Marriage: The benefits of shacking up without making it official

Some older couples who want social recognition for their love relationships are exchanging rings, throwing parties and holding wedding-type ceremonies.

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Expert shares ways to declutter your home

Kondo said sentimental things should be left for last. So I started with the most unsentimental place: the bathroom.

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