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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Fails To Reduce Statin-Associated Muscle Pain

Patients who take statins to lower high cholesterol levels often complain of muscle pains, which can lead them to stop taking the highly effective medication and put them at greater risk of heart attack or stroke. 

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holiday, shopping

Holiday Shoppers Often Don’t Buy What Recipients Want

In one recent study, Givi investigated the stress people feel around holiday shopping, focusing on givers’ anxiety about how recipients will rate their gifts against the givers’ equivalent possessions.

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How Cooking Food And Gathering For Feasts Made Us Human

If you’re cooking a meal for Thanksgiving or just showing up to feast, you’re part of a long human history — one that’s older than our own species.

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Black Friday, grandmother

Coastal Grandmother Vibe Endures For Holiday Gifting

The look of Nancy Meyers’ movies. Inside Ina Garten’s kitchen. Oversize cable knit sweaters. A quality, timeless trench. All things pumpkin spice. 

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Cooking Tips, Fun Recipes And Easy Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

This 2022 holiday season it’s time to focus on whatever makes your heart happy. That good feeling can be found by hosting dinner, spending time with friends or spreading joy by giving back in your community.

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sweet potato

Sweet Potato Pie Makes An Easy Thanksgiving Dessert

In some areas of the country, especially the South, the sweet potato makes regular appearances at the end of the meal, yet for many of us elsewhere, it’s a surprise to encounter them in dessert form. 

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