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Over Half Of Adults 50+ Say They’ll Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Once enough people receive an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus, experts say, the end of the pandemic may be in sight.

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Black Friday

There’s Reason To Shop This Black Friday

Like most things in 2020, Black Friday won’t be the same this year. But at least in the case of holiday shopping, change might not necessarily be a bad thing.

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Tips For Cooking (And Saving) A Smaller Thanksgiving Feast

If you’re planning a smaller Thanksgiving gathering this year because of social distancing, you don’t have to give up the turkey, stuffing, pie and other traditional fare. 

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Fauci Discusses His Hierarchy Of Safety During COVID

Like many Americans, I take my signals from Dr. Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert and a member of the White House task force on the coronavirus.

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When Army veteran Eugene Milligan fell off a charity’s rolls for home-delivered Meals on Wheels because of a long stay in the hospital last winter, he had to rely on others such as his son, a local church and a generous off-duty nurse to bring him food. (Andrea Morales for Kaiser Health News)

How America Fails To Deliver Meals To Its Aging

Army veteran Eugene Milligan is 75 years old and blind. He uses a wheelchair since losing half his right leg to diabetes and gets dialysis for kidney failure.

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COVID Makes It Tough For Grandparents To See Family

It had been more than 10 months since we’d seen our younger son Andrew and his family in person, an unusually long time for us. So why did pondering whether to visit now seem like such a life or death decision?

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