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How Should California Address Needs Of Aging Population?

By 2030, an estimated 1 in 5 Californians will be 65 or older, representing a segment of the population growing faster than working-age Californians.

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Alabama Gulf Coast Offers Beach, Nature, history

My first thought was that I must have taken a wrong turn. Surely this couldn’t be the destination known as Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, perched on the Gulf coast of Alabama.

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Researchers Rethink Alzheimer’s, Diversifying The Drug Search

When researchers at the University of Kentucky compare brains donated from people who died with dementia, very rarely do they find one that bears only Alzheimer’s trademark plaques and tangles — no other damage.

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In Search Of Age-Friendly Health Care

A month ago, during a visit to her doctor’s office in Sequim, Wash., Sue Christensen fell to her knees in the bathroom when her legs suddenly gave out.

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Viking River Cruises Offers Carefree European Travel

It was early morning as our Viking long ship, Alruna, docked in the little town of Breisach, Germany.

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Your Estate Plan Should Match Your Life Stage

Having and estate plan that matches your stage of life is important. It’s not as simple as your age.

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