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Panama Offers More Than The Canal

Panama offers the sun-and-sand attractions enjoyed in most countries that front the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Sunbathers find stretches of seashore which are conducive to working on their tans.

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summer vacation with Laurie Stone's family

Surviving The Summer Family Vacation With Adult Children

You know the feeling. Your family’s going to everyone’s favorite summer spot. In our case, it’s the same house in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod each year.

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Birdwatchers Can Help Threatened Bird Populations

The types of birds coming through your neighborhood are probably changing, and so is the timing of their migrations.

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Cooking For 2: Sweet And Tangy Glazed Salmon

Starting salmon with the skin side down in a pan is a neat way to cook fish.

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Obamacare, Medicare, Medicare For All

Obamacare, Medicare & ‘Medicare For All’ Muddy Campaign Trail

The health care debate has Democrats on Capitol Hill and the presidential campaign trail facing renewed pressure to make clear where they stand.

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Brain Power Loss Expected, But We Don’t Ask Doctors About Prevention

Many Americans in their 50s and early 60s are worried about declining brain health, especially if they have loved ones with memory loss and dementia.

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