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Medicare, Social Security Face Shaky Fiscal Futures

President Donald Trump has declared benefit cuts to the nation’s signature retirement programs off limits and many Democratic presidential candidates are calling for expanding Medicare benefits.

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10 Tips For Keeping The Stress Down

Exercising and eating right are certainly primary components of wellness, but don’t underestimate the importance of keeping stress down.

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Scam Weakness May Be Warning Sign Of Dementia

Elder fraud is a huge problem, and Monday’s study doesn’t mean that people who fall prey to a con artist have some sort of dementia brewing.

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Could Your Mattress Be Causing Your Back Pain?

A mattress with too much wear and tear can wreak havoc on your body by failing to support your spine and keep it aligned throughout the night.

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New Study Explains Why Drinking Alcohol Causes Munchies

New research in mice suggests that a shared circuit in the brain could be one reason why heavy drinking and high-fat “junk food” cravings go hand in hand.

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A Sense of Oneness Means Greater Life Satisfaction

People who believe in oneness — the idea that everything in the world is connected and interdependent —appear to have greater life satisfaction than those who don’t.

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