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The Trust Older Patients Place In Doctors Can Compromise Care

Placing trust in doctors to advocate for their medical care, older adults rarely ask for referrals to specialists, specific prescriptions, express concerns or follow-up after medical visits.

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There’s a Window To Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan

The government added another Medicare Advantage enrollment window that started Jan. 1 and lasts until March 31.

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Better Chocolate Choices Benefit Heart Health

For Valentine’s Day consideration, skip the milk chocolate candy and replace it with a cup of dark hot cocoa.

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A Simple Thank You Or Compliment Is the Best Gift

Flowers, chocolate and spa days are nice, but don’t discount the value of a heartfelt “thank you.”

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Shameful Secrets Bother Us More Than Guilty Secrets

Everyone has secrets, but what causes someone to think about them over and over again?

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Study: Vitamin D No Benefit To The Those Over 70

There is little benefit for those over 70 taking higher dose vitamin D supplements to improve their bone strength and reduce the risk of falls.

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