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1 In 2 Seriously Sick Medicare Enrollees Struggles With Bills

The survey findings were a surprise to researchers, since Medicare is considered relatively good coverage and most people have supplemental insurance to fill its gaps.

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Daylight Saving Time Has Long-term Effects On Health

The annual transition to and from daylight saving time has clinical implications that last longer than the days where clocks “fall back” or “spring forward.”

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Learn 4 Ways To Spend The Long Winter Months

As the cold weather sets in we often spend more time indoors, offering the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

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Turning Back That Clock: Three Tips For Better Sleep

More than one-third of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep each night, putting them at risk for serious, chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The real victim of a lack of sleep, however, is the brain.

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California Nursing Home Residents Told To Find New Homes

California and other states increasingly are moving their Medicaid patients into managed care, arguing that the model saves money and also improves members’ health by coordinating care.

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6 Skin Care Tips That Dermatologists Use Themselves

Board-certified dermatologists are experts when it comes to the skin, hair and nails, diagnosing and treating more than 3,000 diseases and conditions, including skin cancer, acne, psoriasis and eczema.

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