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After Biden Comment: Is Covid Under Control in the US? Experts Say Yes

“I’m never going to raise the white flag and surrender. We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you.”

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Zombie Cells Central To The Quest For Active, Vital Old Age

In an unfinished part of his basement, 95-year-old Richard Soller zips around a makeshift track encircling boxes full of medals he’s won for track and field and long-distance running. 

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Why The Flu Vaccine Is More Important Than Ever This Year

While social distancing and wearing masks kept the 2021-2022 flu season milder than pre-pandemic levels, experts who expect flu cases to rise this year as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, are urging people to get their flu vaccine to prevent the nation’s health care system from being overwhelmed by influenza and the pandemic.

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Clearing Pollution Helps Clear the Fog of Aging: May Cut Dementia Risk

During the past decade, a growing body of research has shown that air pollution harms older adults’ brains, contributing to cognitive decline and dementia. What hasn’t been clear is whether improving air quality would benefit brain health.

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Dental Care: The Best, Worst & Unproven Tools To Care For Your Teeth

Do probiotics prevent gum disease? Is flossing necessary? Many patients are unable to confidently answer these questions and more due to the abundance of conflicting dental information.

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Significant Risk Of Sensory Loss In Long COVID

New research has revealed the extent of sensory loss among people suffering from long Covid, with around 30 percent reporting a decreased sense of smell, and a similar number finding their sense of taste affected.

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