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Coronavirus: Should Every 60+ Practice Same Precautions?

She knew it wasn’t a good idea and her daughter would disapprove. Nonetheless, Barbara Figge Fox, 79, recently went to four stores in Princeton, New Jersey, to shop for canned goods, paper towels, fresh fruit, yogurt, and other items.

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Social Distancing: Combating Loneliness And Depression

To stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the governing bodies of cities and states across the country are ordering people to stay home.

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Travel Insurance Can Help, But Has Its Limits

But basic policies generally don’t cover pandemics such as the coronavirus. Policies that do cost significantly more and may only cover 50-75 percent of a traveler’s losses.

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Pets Can Protect Against Suicide In Older People

Older people are more likely to experience complex health needs, social isolation and loneliness, and fear of burdening their families.

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The Best Ways To Kill Coronavirus In Your Home

Your kitchen cabinet may already be stocked with cleaning agents that can kill coronavirus. But not all chemicals will work, and none are as gentle on your skin as commercial hand sanitizers.

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Washing Wear: Keep Hands from Drying and Cracking

Now more than ever, hand washing is important. As we work to battle the further spread of what is now a global pandemic, hand hygiene is our number weapon.

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