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Women Less Likely Than Men To Seek Alcohol Treatment

 Although women are more likely than men to seek treatment for most medical or psychiatric disorders, men are more likely to seek alcohol treatment.

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closeup of an old caucasian woman and an old caucasian man sitting in a couch using their smartphones

Is New App From Feds Your Answer To Navigating Medicare Coverage?

Milt Roney, a 71-year-old retired government worker in a well-to-do suburb of Washington, D.C., agreed to check out the app with me, though he was skeptical from the outset.

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Mindy behavior

Are You Eating And Living The Way You Want?

For most of my young adult and later years, I started every New Year resolved to change my body.

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Surgeons during an operation

Alcohol-Linked Disease Overtakes Hep C As Top Reason For Liver Transplant

For years, conventional wisdom suggested that people with a heavy drinking past who did not have a period of sobriety under their belts would not be good candidates to receive a new liver.

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A mouse sits atop a contained mouse in Richard Miller's pathology and geriatrics lab at the University of Michigan. Miller heads one of the three labs funded by NIH to test anti-aging substances on mice. (Melanie Maxwell for KHN)

A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill? Sure, If You’re A Mouse

Discerning hype from reality in the longevity field has become tougher than ever as reputable scientists such as Sinclair and pre-eminent institutions like Harvard align themselves with promising but unproven interventions.

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Bathroom with accessories to help with washing and using the toilet. Bathroom in a care home in England

Aging In Place: There’s Devices, Helpers, But Unmet Needs Common

For older adults and their families, the report is a reminder of the need to plan ahead for changing capacities.

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