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Lower Your Medicare Drug Costs: Ask Pharmacist For Cash Price

Under a little-known Medicare rule, subscribers can pay a lower cash price for prescriptions instead of using their insurance.

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Are We Winning The War On Cancer? What to Know

Can cancer be cured? Some experts say the answer is yes, but that it will require reversing course on the way it’s researched and treated.

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Slim Down Tips For A Healthier Summer

Summer means BBQs, beach time and swimsuits, but it could also mean a change in eating habits and not necessarily for the better.

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How Much Exercise Do You Need To Improve Thinking Skills?

Researchers reviewed all of the studies where older adults were asked to exercise for at least four weeks and their tests of thinking and memory skills were compared to those of people who did not start a new exercise routine.

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Does New Medicare Handbook Show Bias Toward Private Insurance Plans?

The Medicare Rights Center and two other groups argue that the draft contains inaccurate, ideologically tinted descriptions of the tradeoffs between original fee-for-service insurance and a privatized managed-care alternative. 

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Dodging Dementia: More Of Us Get At Least A Dozen Good, Happy Years After 65

You’ve turned 65 and exited middle age. What are the chances you’ll develop cognitive impairment or dementia in the years ahead?

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