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Medicare Patients May Lower Cost Of Drugs By Not Using Their Insurance

Researchers compared out-of-pocket costs for 30-day supplies of 27 different drugs for conditions related to cardiovascular disease.

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Trump Administration Sinks Teeth Into Paring Down Drug Prices, On 5 Key Points

Three months after President Donald Trump announced his blueprint to bring down drug prices, administration officials have begun putting some teeth behind the rhetoric.

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Innovative Couples’ Intervention Helps People With Dementia Communicate

For couples with decades of shared memories, a partner’s decline in the ability to communicate is frightening and frustrating.

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1,400 Nursing Homes Get Lower Medicare Ratings Because Of Staffing Concerns

Nursing home industry officials have acknowledged that some facilities are struggling to meet the new payroll reporting requirements.

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People Caring For Family Members With Dementia Are Sleep Deprived

These disruptions can lead to chronic sleep deprivation and place caregivers at risk for depression, weight gain, heart disease and premature death.

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Barbecue Breakdown: Summertime Favorites Can Impact Your Health

Though some may prefer meatless options like veggie burgers or grilled portabellas, summertime staples like hot dogs and hamburgers still occupy a good bit of that paper plate real estate.

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