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Lax Electronic Medical Records Oversight Puts Patients At Risk

The health data geeks trusted that transitioning from paper to electronic records would cut down on medical errors, help identify new cures for disease and give patients an easy way to track their health care histories.

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Drug Plan Finder Can Steer Enrollees To Higher Costs

Medicare’s revamped prescription drug plan finder can steer unwitting enrollees to coverage that costs much more than they need to pay, according to people who help with sign-ups as well as program experts.

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Top 5 Holiday Temptations And How To Avoid Them

The holiday season means delicious food and parties galore. If you’ve been dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason to throw away all your hard work.

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Fish Oil Supplements No Effect On Anxiety, Depression

Omega-3 fats have little or no effect on anxiety and depression according to new research from the University of East Anglia.

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Will You Get Dementia? Many May Not Understand Their Risk

Many older American adults may inaccurately estimate their chances for developing dementia and do useless things to prevent it, new research suggests.

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4 Essentials For Winter Health And Safety

Colder temperatures, inclement weather, changes in the amount of daylight, and the spread of cold and flu viruses can all have a significant impact on your winter well-being.

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