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Seniors With COVID-19 Show Unusual Symptoms

Older adults with COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, have several “atypical” symptoms, complicating efforts to ensure they get timely and appropriate treatment, according to physicians.

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Diet: How You Combine Foods May Raise Dementia Risk

People whose diets consisted mostly of highly processed meats, starchy foods like potatoes, and snacks like cookies and cakes, were more likely to have dementia years later than people who ate a wider variety of healthy foods.

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5 Things To Know About Hitting The COVID-19 Peak

President Donald Trump and some governors have pointed to the slowdown as an indication that the day has come for reopening the country.

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contact tracing

Contact Tracing: Location & Health Data Tracking Benefits

With the pandemic far from over, public health needs are paramount. Public health experts say that collecting personal data may be the only way to analyze information on the massive scale needed.

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Hepatitis C, life

Life & Mortality: How We Plan For Old Age

Older people have to make important decisions about their remaining life years, such as how to invest savings and manage properties, changes in employment status and retirement.

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Retirement communities

Seniors In Continuing Care Communities Feel Shut In

With tight restrictions in place at their continuing care retirement community, Tom and Janice Showler are getting on each other’s nerves.

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