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Sunglasses: How To Choose the Right Pair

Next time you step outside to enjoy the summer sun, don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses.

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Feel Like The Last Friend Standing? How To Cultivate New Buds 

As baby boomers age, more and more folks will reach their 80s, 90s. They will not only lose friends but face the daunting task of making new friends.

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4 Ways To Prevent Loneliness From Wrecking Your Retirement

A study found that nearly half of Americans report feeling lonely sometimes or always, which the study concluded is a national “epidemic.” 

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5 Ways to Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk

Summer is here, but enjoying longer and sunnier days outdoors means your skin is vulnerable to sunburn and health risk. 

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Geriatric Assessments Could Fine-Tune Cancer Care For Older Adults

In a move to improve cancer care for older adults, the American Society of Clinical Oncology is recommending that all patients age 65 and older receive a geriatric assessment when considering or undergoing chemotherapy.

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Fresh Grounds For Coffee: Study Shows It May Boost Longevity

Go ahead and have that cup of coffee, maybe even several more. New research shows it may boost chances for a longer life, even for those who down at least eight cups daily.

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