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Simple Ways To Fix A Sad Mood

What’s the best way to improve a sad mood? It may be whatever skill you think you’re best at, a new study suggests.

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Pandemic Depression Persists Among Older Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of older people living in the community, with those who are lonely faring far worse.

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Medical Cannabis May Give Modest Benefits For Chronic Pain

A minority of people living with chronic pain who try medical cannabis may experience important relief and the risk of side effects is typically small, says an international study led by McMaster University scientists.

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Poll: Are You Getting Your Flu Shot And COVID Booster?

With two viruses threatening to make older adults sick this winter, a new poll shows most people over 50 have gotten vaccines to protect them against both influenza and coronavirus, or plan to.

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How Many People Get ‘Long COVID?’

During their illnesses, many patients with COVID-19 experience symptoms, such as tiredness, difficulty breathing, chest pain, sore joints and loss of taste or smell.

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Moving Long-Distance Shows Where You Live Affects Longevity

 Would you like to live longer? It turns out that where you live, not just how you live, can make a big difference.

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