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How To Negotiate With A Resistant Aging Parent? Borrow Tips From The Business World

You’ve reached a standstill with your mother and father, who are in their late 80s. You think they need some help in the home, but they vigorously refuse.

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Higher Cardiovascular Risk Score Linked To Lower Cognitive Function

A risk calculator used to predict cardiovascular disease also may help predict a person’s poor cognitive function, new research suggests.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease Is Primed to Kill More Older Adults

Cardiovascular disease — the No. 1 cause of death among people 65 and older — is poised to become more prevalent in the years ahead, disproportionately affecting Black and Hispanic communities.

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What Cosmetic Procedures Can Cost

Thanks to many new developments in medical tech, elective surgeries are becoming more available and affordable for patients worldwide.

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Journaling Can Improve Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

Experts estimate approximately 25 percent of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.

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The Zen Of Pickleball

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover something that takes you out of our often-scary world? This happened to me when my friend, Lisa, and I stumbled upon pickleball.

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