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Helping Older Adults Exercise During The Pandemic

Last winter, 12 to 20 older adults were exercising three days a week at the United Methodist Community Life Center through the Healthy Movement class led by South Dakota State University Exercise Science Club members.

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Homebound Patients Wait For Vaccine Despite Seniors’ Priority

Opening another front in the nation’s response to the pandemic, medical centers and other health organizations have begun sending doctors and nurses to apartment buildings and private homes to vaccinate homebound seniors.

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States Rush To Vaccinate Older Americans

Two months after the first COVID-19 shots were administered, the race to vaccinate older Americans is gaining traction, with more than a third of people 65 and up having received their first dose in states that have provided data.

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Couples Experience Sadness, Anger During Pandemic

There have been no shortage of conflicts arising from the era of COVID-19, and that includes the challenges at home between married couples. 

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Medicaid: Biden Has a Chance To Cut Deals With Red State Holdouts 

President Joe Biden has an unexpected opening to cut deals with red states to expand Medicaid, raising the prospect that the new administration could extend health protections to millions of uninsured Americans.

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Mass. Gov. Made No Buddies With Vaccine Buddy Plan

Getting people to wear masks during the COVID pandemic has been hard enough. But getting people to accept a vaccine to protect them has been equally hard.

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