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Beat The Heat: Ways to Be Safe When Temps Soar

Dehydration, sunburn, heat stroke, insect bites, rashes, and lacerations; summer can spell health meltdown with a seemingly endless list of unsightly, uncomfortable, and potentially lethal hazards.

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Why Alzheimer’s Risk For Women Differs From Men

Two-thirds of Alzheimer’s cases in the U.S. are in women and it’s not just because we live longer.

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Medicare Advantage Overbills Taxpayers By Billions Yearly

Officials have known for years that some Medicare Advantage plans overbill the government by exaggerating how sick their patients are or by charging Medicare for treating serious medical conditions they cannot prove their patients have.

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Did Your Health Plan Deny You Care? Fight Back

Have you ever stepped up to the pharmacy cash register only to learn your new prescription will cost you hundreds of dollars because your insurance doesn’t cover it?

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Five Tips For Improving The Health Of Men

Men are far more likely to skip routine health screens than women.

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How To Get A Cheaper Prescription From The Doctor’s Office

When Mary Kay Gilbert saw her doctor in May for a skin infection on her leg, she wasn’t surprised to receive a prescription for an antibiotic cream.

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