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Bills For Specialists, Plastic Surgeons Cause Shock

Bob Ensor didn’t see the boom swinging violently toward him as he cleaned a sailboat in dry dock on a spring day two years ago. But he heard the crack as it hit him in the face.

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Retirement: Finding Your Lost Money

No one wants to lose money, particularly for retirement. But it happens, people lose track of, or don’t know they have, retirement accounts.

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What Health Care Will Cost You in Retirement

A typical couple could potentially spend $285,000 on out-of-pocket healthcare costs in retirement.

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In 10 Years, Half Of Middle-Income Elders Won’t Be Able To Afford Housing, Medical Care

Projections put the average annual assisted living and medical expenses cost in 10 years at $62,000, meaning that a majority of the middle-income seniors then will not be able to afford an assisted living facility.

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Why Grandparents Should Work To Save Safety Net Programs

While the promotion of self-sufficiency is admirable, government entitlements warrant preservation since they provide a financial safety net.

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Medicare, Social Security Face Shaky Fiscal Futures

President Donald Trump has declared benefit cuts to the nation’s signature retirement programs off limits and many Democratic presidential candidates are calling for expanding Medicare benefits.

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