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3 Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner About Travel

Almost every trip teaches me something about myself, the world and what not to do next time. Here are three hard-won travel lessons that may help you learn from my mistakes.

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‘True Cost of Aging’ Index Shows Many Can’t Afford Basic Necessities

Fran Seeley, 81, doesn’t see herself as living on the edge of a financial crisis. But she’s uncomfortably close. Each month, Seeley, a retired teacher, gets $925 from Social Security and a $287 disbursement from an individual retirement account.

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Small Home Fixes Can Have A Big Impact On Safety

While you can’t eliminate every potential hazard, some small moves can have a huge impact on home safety. By Liz Weston NerdWallet If it ain’t broke, maybe you should fix it anyway. That’s the message consumer advocates and insurance experts want you to hear about your home’s hidden dangers. Too often, they say, people put […]

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Europe As A Budget-Friendly Travel Option?

Flying to Europe this year might sound as absurd as opting for premium gasoline. With prices this high, is it really the right time to splurge? 

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Barbecue On A Budget: 5 Tips To Save Money When Grilling

If you’re one of the 70% of all households in the U.S. to own a grill or smoker, you’re probably looking forward to summer cookouts and barbecues.

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Health Care Debt: An Unexpected, Unhealthy Burden

Politicians like to talk about how many Americans have health insurance. But what we don’t discuss is how many Americans  —  with and without health coverage  —  still go into serious health care debt.

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