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Social Security Piggy Bank

What the latest Social Security numbers mean to you

Here is the numbery blah, blah, blah: CBO concluded that the combined Trust Funds for Social Security will be exhausted in 2029.

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Six money resolutions you can actually keep

Let’s face the grim truth: Those 10 pounds you want to lose will likely be among your New Year’s resolutions next year, too.

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credit card

Your next credit card: What a good offer looks like

Today’s competitive credit card market has turned lucrative for consumers, meaning what would have been a good offer just a few years ago no longer measures up.

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Is healthy food costlier? Study shows surprising results

Consumers believe healthy food must be more expensive than cheap eats and that higher-priced food is healthier, even when there is no supporting evidence, according to new research.

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Avoid tax pitfalls when it comes to retirement savings

If you’re still working at 701/2, you can delay distributions from your employer plan until you retire, unless you own 5 percent or more of the business.

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5 simple ways to lower your taxes now

Many people don’t think about their taxes until springtime, but putting it off could mean owing more.

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