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Hospital observation: Does new law go far enough?

Medicare covers care in skilled nursing facilities, but only for patients who were first formally admitted to a hospital for three consecutive days.

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Social Security: 3 questions to ask the presidential candidates

The program isn’t in the best shape. By the time that either candidate for President reaches the Oval Office, the program will have nearly $12 trillion of promises to existing voters for which it does not expect to generate cash.

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How to tell if your 401k retirement account is a dud

Even this most valuable of company perks can be ruined by high retirement plan fees and crummy investment choices.

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Brand-name drugs’ high copays soak Medicare Part D patients

The findings point to opportunities to save money for Medicare Part D’s elderly and disabled beneficiaries, who fill three or more prescriptions a month on average.

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Mature couple fighting back to back divorce

Learn how to keep some green in gray divorce

Divorce can be painful, emotionally and financially, for anyone. But when the split happens later in life, the less time you have to recover from the economic hit.

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Social Security Piggy Bank

What is the Social Security Shortfall?

Today, the discussion of Social Security’s long-term financial challenges is pretty much limited to when the consequences arrive rather than how we will manage them when they arrive.

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