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Signs Aging Parents Need Help Managing Finances

It’s inevitable. As we age, our bodies and our brains change, and not always like fine wine.

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Retirement: Do it Right by Planning to Do it Twice

There’s the retirement that looks like the commercials: biking, travel, enjoying the family. And then there’s the one where you can’t get up the stairs anymore.

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How to Tell if Price is Right on Your Prescription

With drug prices rising and insurance coverage shrinking, it pays to ask questions and do a little research before handing over your insurance card at the pharmacy counter.

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‘Smart’ Money Moves That Aren’t So Smart

The odds of winning a lottery are infinitesimal. Yet inevitably, someone does. Inspired by the idea of a huge payoff, millions of people burn money on lottery tickets.

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One Man’s Sad Story: Foreclosure Rate High Among Older Americans

My friend Bob is 73 years old. He lives alone with his dog Moxie in a small town in Western Massachusetts. For all his adult life, Bob has worked as a builder and carpenter.

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Why More Americans Should be Talking about Retirement

Baby Boomers reported spending money on things they didn’t need, going into too much debt and not saving for retirement when they were young.

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