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The Mental Health Risks Of Retiring

Overall, retirees are a contented bunch and many report being happier in retirement than they were at the end of their careers.

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How To Protect Your Spending Power From Inflation

Inflation, the rise in consumer prices, is a slow erosion of your money over time. Before 2021, the United States hadn’t seen annual core inflation much above 3 percent for the better part of 25 years.

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How To Keep Your Tax Return From Getting Hung Up

There may never be a good time to draw the IRS’ attention, but this year you really want to avoid extra scrutiny. The IRS is so understaffed and overwhelmed that even a tiny mistake could delay your refund for months.

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California Blows The Doors Off Medicaid Asset Limits

Paying for long term care, whether in a nursing home or care at home, has been a major challenge for the elderly and disabled, because Medicare covers only a very short stay for nursing facilities, and custodial home care is very limited as well.

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Made Green Upgrades In 2021? Don’t Miss These Tax Credits

Many Americans have woven green practices into their everyday lives — from recycling to going paperless and even cutting back on meat consumption. 

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Six Ways Technology Is Evolving Travel In 2022

For the athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, travel entailed robots. Everywhere. These machines prepared and served noodles, rice and burgers, and roamed hallways to take the temperatures of passersby.

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