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Does New Medicare Handbook Show Bias Toward Private Insurance Plans?

The Medicare Rights Center and two other groups argue that the draft contains inaccurate, ideologically tinted descriptions of the tradeoffs between original fee-for-service insurance and a privatized managed-care alternative. 

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U.S. To Consider Expanding Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

The Trump administration is considering expanding Medicare’s ability to negotiate the cost of drugs by giving private payers a role in setting the price of medicines administered in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

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Maximize The Value Of Your Medicare Dollar

In a recent survey, 43 percent of newly retired people said they were spending more on health care than they planned.

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Health Care Costs In Retirement: Separate Fact From Fiction?

As their 65th birthday looms, many people eagerly anticipate the affordable access to health care that Medicare will provide. After all, Medicare covers everything, right?

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Medicaid Application Is More Complicated Than It Looks

There are tricks and pitfalls when filling out a Medicaid application form that an elder law attorney can help you avoid and help accelerate the process while preserving assets.

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Dissecting The Rhetoric Vs. Reality Of Trump’s Tough Talk On Drug Prices

President Donald Trump has railed against the high price of prescription drugs and famously bemoaned how pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder.” Yet, many Americans aren’t seeing a change in what they pay out-of-pocket.

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