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advance directive

Take Control Now With Advance Medical Directives

f you get COVID-19 and struggle to breathe, would you want to be put on a ventilator? Whatever your answer, ask yourself another question: Who would make your wishes clear if you couldn’t speak for yourself?

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Living Wills

Older Adults Fearful of COVID-19 Are Changing Living Wills

Last month, Minna Buck revised a document specifying her wishes should she become critically ill.

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Hepatitis C, life

Life & Mortality: How We Plan For Old Age

Older people have to make important decisions about their remaining life years, such as how to invest savings and manage properties, changes in employment status and retirement.

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hospice care

Patients Want To Die At Home, But Hospice Care Can Strain Families

When it comes to where we die, the U.S. has reached a tipping point. Home is now the most common place of death, according to new research, and a majority of Medicare patients are turning to hospice services to help make that possible.

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financial, work

5 Financial Tasks You Should Tackle By Year-End

A task without a deadline is just wishful thinking. Sometimes, you can get away with procrastinating. If you never get around to alphabetizing your spices, no one’s life will change.

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Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Portion Of ACA

A federal appeals court panel in New Orleans dealt another blow to the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, agreeing with a lower-court judge that the portion of the health law requiring most people to have coverage is unconstitutional.

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