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Financial Playbook: Beware Of Overhyped Strategies

Investments that are enthusiastically pushed by commission-earning salespeople may not be the best for your financial health.

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Take Control Now With Advance Medical Directives

f you get COVID-19 and struggle to breathe, would you want to be put on a ventilator? Whatever your answer, ask yourself another question: Who would make your wishes clear if you couldn’t speak for yourself?

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Should You Consider A Reverse Mortgage Now?

Reverse mortgages allow older homeowners to turn part of their home equity into tax-free cash, using a loan that doesn’t have to be paid back until they die, sell or move out.

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Beware: Travel Health Insurance Might Exclude Pandemics

It was evident that the fever, nausea and loss of appetite Vlastimil Gajdoš felt on his wedding day was not a mere case of cold feet.

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Hit By The Virus And Weighing A Raid On Retirement Fund?

Many Americans are struggling financially due to the coronavirus. A recent federal relief package makes it easier for people financially harmed by the coronavirus outbreak to tap into their retirement savings for cash by loosening rules for withdrawals and loans. 

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Living Wills

Older Adults Fearful of COVID-19 Are Changing Living Wills

Last month, Minna Buck revised a document specifying her wishes should she become critically ill.

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