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That ‘Living Will’ You Signed? At The ER, It Could Be Open To Interpretation

“Don’t resuscitate this patient; he has a living will,” the nurse told Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, handing her a document.

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Why Family Caregivers Suffer Sleep Issues

For people who are in the workforce already, the added burden of unpaid caregiving for a family member or loved one may lead to insomnia and other sleep issues.

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What To Do When An Elderly Loved One Begins Wandering

If you become a caregiver for a parent, grandparent or other loved one with dementia, you may find yourself having the same fear if your loved one begins to exhibit a concerning symptom of dementia; getting lost or wandering.

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What We Know And Don’t Know About Memory Loss After Surgery

Two years ago, Dr. Daniel Cole’s 85-year-old father had heart bypass surgery. He hasn’t been quite the same since.

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Pets In Nursing Homes Bring Both Benefits And Risks

Pets that visit nursing homes or live there with a resident can be a benefit to all, but administrators also need to consider possible risks like injuries and illness and develop policies to avoid them.

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Why Doctors Don’t Pay Attention To Home Health Care Plans

Physicians charged with approving treatment plans for skilled home health care often spend no more than a minute reviewing the plans, a study of U.S. doctors suggests. 

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