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5 tips to help Alzheimer’s families have happier holidays

Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult any time of year, but the holidays present unique challenges for patients and their families.

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Adult Daughter Helping Senior Tie Shoelaces

Many caregivers spend $7K annually out of pocket

Denise Sleeper has sold her home, spent most of her retirement savings and quit her job to care for her husband since his Alzheimer’s disease struck two years ago.

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Practical remodeling tips for multi-generational families

Parents, grandparents and children all living happily together under one roof; it’s an iconic American image you may associate with the good old days.

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Vivian Guzofsky, 88, holds a baby doll at Sunrise Senior Living in Beverly Hills, Calif. Guzofsky, who has Alzheimer's disease, is calm when taking care of the dolls.
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When pretend play is real for Alzheimer’s patients

No one knows whether she believes she is holding a doll or a real baby. What the staff at Sunrise Senior Living do know is that Guzofsky, who can get agitated and aggressive, is always calm when caring for the dolls.

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Emergency rooms not identifying elder abuse

Elder abuse affects approximately 1 in 10 older adults in the United States and has far-reaching negative effects on physical and mental health.

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Sandwich generation: Help for caregivers caught in middle

Donald Patterson lived in hospice care for months until his death following a catastrophic stroke that left him bedridden. His wife, Carol, started a caregivers’ support group on Facebook two years ago in June.

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