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Self-Administered Test Predicts Early Signs Of Dementia Sooner

Many people experience forgetfulness as they age, but it’s often difficult to tell if these memory issues are a normal part of aging or a sign of something more serious.

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Visiting Older Relatives For The Holidays? Help Spot & Fix Falling Risks

A lot of families have plans for big holiday gatherings this year, bringing the generations together especially now that children over age 5 can get vaccinated against COVID-19 and all adults can get a booster dose to give them additional protection.

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Monitoring Technology Helps Family Caregivers Manage Elderly With Cognitive Decline

In the middle of a rainy Michigan night, 88-year-old Dian Wurdock walked out the front door of her son’s home in Grand Rapids, barefoot and coatless. Her destination was unknown even to herself.

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How To Talk Money With Your Parents This Holiday

Holiday gatherings may present an opportunity to talk to your parents about important money issues, such as estate planning or long-term care.

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Phone Apps Can Improve Caregiver Mental Health

Those who care for older adults suffering with memory loss and other cognitive impairments can significantly reduce their depression, stress and anxiety by focusing on what is going on at the moment and engaging in mindfulness therapy.

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Nursing Home Residents Overlooked in Scramble for Covid Antibody Treatments

Of the dozens of patients Dr. Jim Yates has treated for covid-19 at his long-term care center in rural Alabama, this one made him especially nervous.

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