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Laurie with her sons, Patrick and Paul (from l to r)

Eight Things Every Mother with Grown Sons Knows

Moms of boys understand. When your kids are little, you think you’ll never survive the sticky hands, typhoon-force energy and non-stop “getting into things.”

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Laurie Stone Introvert

What Are the Seven Coolest Things About Being An Introvert?

You know the feeling. You spend much of your life thinking something’s wrong. You’re alone a lot, usually with your nose in a book or daydreaming.

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8 Shocking Things You Learn When Traveling With Your Spouse

I saw then this wasn’t just a journey of miles, but of years: college, young married days, the birth of our sons, the death of beloved parents, and now retirement.

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Laurie stone with sons

How Do You Raise a Gentleman in This Aggressive World?

You know a gentleman when you see him. And I’m not talking Pierce Brosnan in a dinner jacket. I’ve seen scruffy dudes in jeans and beards who are gentlemen.

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Inside The Crazy, Mixed-up World of Retirement

Life is backwards these days. In what seemed like seconds, I went from many years of my husband Randy away on business to the kids gone and Randy home.

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A New Guilty Pleasure: I Just Want to be Alone

You know when you start doing something and at first it feels strange, but then you grow to love it? You look around and wonder if you’re the only weirdo doing this?

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