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A Not-So-Shaggy Dog Story About Companionship

It was the end of a chilly Wednesday in late November and I had a car full of blankets made for dogs living in a shelter.

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Carolyn Eggert with her family

Goodbye Uteri, You Served Your Purpose

In a few weeks, we will part. I’m 56 and sadly, you are more of a liability now. You challenged me over the years, but together we did great things.

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Eggert, as a toddler, with her mom watching boats

What is the right path to successful aging?

“We have to give Mom credit, she really aged successfully.” I wonder if that is what my kids will say when I am gone.

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Aging with grace and energy

She was 78 and always on the move. She didn’t have to depend on a fitbit activity tracker to get her going.

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How to make the most out of your diet

By Carolyn Schultz Eggert Maintaining the right balance of calories consumed and calories burned is not an exact science when it comes to diet. Although we can receive instant gratification from fitness monitors, there is still no easy way to know how many calories we are consuming at each meal. I remember my mother carrying around […]

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