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Multigenerational Travel All The Rage

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Baby Boomers have been retiring in droves in the last decade, and multigenerational family travel has experienced an unprecedented surge.

By Casandra Karpiak
Wealth of Geeks

Baby Boomers have been retiring in droves in the last decade, and multigenerational family travel has experienced an unprecedented surge.

Recent data reveals that 40 percent of U.S. adults have spring break plans that involve traveling with three generations.

That’s right — kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins alike are packing up those suitcases and hitting the open road together.

“Families are making up for lost time,” said Heather Felix, AAA Texas Vice President of Travel Products and Services.

According to Uma Subramanian, the CEO of Aero, multigenerational trips are predicted to be all the rage in 2023. These excursions will be chock full of outdoor activities that everyone can join in on and enjoy. “People are also interested in curated experiences that feel more personalized and convenient,” she says.

The hospitality industry is looking for ways to provide exceptional service for multigenerational groups. Such guests can be an incredibly profitable source of revenue, and hotels are now taking the initiative to ensure these guests receive nothing short of the royal treatment.

The Broadmoor Is Ahead of The Curve
One of America’s iconic resorts in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor, has been
offering multigenerational vacation opportunities long before it started
trending. Opened in 1918, The Broadmoor has become a destination for generations
of families and is known for hosting elaborate family experiences.

The property offers so many options where guests can stay in one of their luxurious accommodations that the hardest part of the vacation is deciding what to do. There are activities for every age, like horseback riding, fly-fishing lessons, golf clinics, relaxing spa services, and more — all with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

“The Broadmoor is well-poised to take care of large families and groups due to our abundant room portfolio (nearly 800 rooms) that go far beyond adjoining suites, although those are plentiful as well. We have luxurious private residential accommodations, individual cabins, and upscale ranch accommodations, to name a few. So you can have your pick of the perfect accommodations, all serviced by The Broadmoor’s attentive staff,” comments Scott Flexman, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Broadmoor.

“Unlike a vacation rental property where you’re not sure what you are going to get, with The Broadmoor’s accommodations (plus dozens of dining outlets/bars/cafes on site), there’s a lot to offer beyond typical Colorado vacation homes for families.”

Today’s grandparents are more active, living longer, and want to share memories – rather than things – with their children and grandchildren. In addition, many grandparents are financially able to travel and are willing to underwrite some or all of the vacation costs, with 67 percent saying that children are never too old to be treated to a family vacation.

The Broadmoor is able to capitalize on multigenerational travel with its ability to handle the large numbers associated with three and sometimes four generations traveling together. Its cottages along the East Golf Course boast interconnecting rooms, allowing you to accommodate anywhere from four to 16 of your closest relatives.

The breathtaking Estate House features five bedrooms that can seat 16 at the extravagant dining table and a grand parlor that can seat 60 guests at round tables for a private family reunion.

What Is Fuelling Multigenerational Travel Trends? As we move further away from the peak of the pandemic, more and more families are making up for lost time by traveling to reunite with their relatives – something that was not possible in 2020 or 2021.

“Due to the pandemic, many people may not have spent enough time with their families, especially when it comes to grandparents and their grandkids,” said Brian Tan, founder and CEO of online travel platform Zicasso. “And so, we’re seeing a significant increase in big, multigenerational family trips.”

Booking data from Zicasso reveals that family group bookings of six or more people have witnessed an impressive growth rate of over 50 percent since the year 2019.

Rather than booking an all-inclusive trip to distance themselves from their extended family, people now yearn for closer connections and lasting memories in an atmosphere away from home. Gone are the days of disconnection among different generations.

A predicament that often arises when traveling with a multigenerational group is the desire to visit the same destination year after year. It’s understandable why families would opt for revisiting familiar places, especially since it affords them the opportunity to stay in their preferred accommodation and explore as one large unit at their favorite time of year.

“The service and above-and-beyond attitude our staff brings to each interaction are what keeps families returning year after year. We have a family who has been coming for five generations,” shares Ann Alba, Vice President and Resident Manager at The Broadmoor.

“When the brother passed away, and they needed to get home quickly, they turned to us to get a charter back to Texas as quickly as possible. Based on generational relationships, not only with our guests but golf club members, it took one phone call to another generational guest, who immediately offered to power up a charter and get the family back. Only at The Broadmoor!

“And while handling guest medical emergencies, which happen from time to time, we not only take care of the person who is ill, we take care of the family who is often spending their time at the hospital, versus us at the hotel. Team Members, from Housekeepers to Bellman to, of course, leadership, have made many trips back and forth to the hospital bringing food and visiting those who are away from home.”

For those families who wish to experience something different, The Broadmoor has that option covered too. Guests can choose between four luxury Broadmoor properties or a combination of them during their stay. In addition to the historic Broadmoor resort, families have the option of visiting:

Cloud Camp: a wilderness experience sitting 3,000 feet above the resort
The Ranch at Emerald Valley: an all-inclusive retreat with 13 cabins
Fly Fishing Camp: An Orvis-Endorsed Private Fly Fishing Retreat

Baby Boomers’ Travel Is Booming
The MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers study showcases a thriving
travel market. According to the Preferred Hotel Group, over 20.8 million
travelers within the United States went on multigenerational trips with three or
more generations in tow. Those numbers are only expected to grow as 77 million
Americans reach 65 years old in the next 18 years.

Here are a few key highlights from the study:

40 percent of all active leisure travelers have taken at least one multigenerational
trip over the last year.
25 percent of all leisure travelers are grandparents and 37 percent traveled with their
Grandparents travel almost 25 percent more than the average leisure traveler, taking
four or more trips yearly.
22 percent of grandparents traveled with their grandchildren alone.

Bonding Over Travel
Traveling with multiple generations of family members is the perfect way to bond
and create lasting memories. Sharing favorite destinations, activities, and
experiences together is a great way for families to reconnect and catch up on
each other’s lives.

It also helps build intergenerational understanding as grandparents get an opportunity to share their life stories and experiences while younger generations benefit from the wisdom of different perspectives.

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