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What Happens To My Estate When I Pass?

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Understanding what the postmortem process involves can make you a better and wiser planner for your own estate.

By Linda T. Cammuso

You may be wondering how your family will handle your loss and estate after you pass.

Understanding what the postmortem process involves can make you a better and wiser planner for your own estate. Throughout our lifetimes, most of us will deal with an estate on at least several occasions, whether it is a parent, sibling, or spouse who predeceases us.

While grief is unavoidable, knowing what to expect from a legal standpoint can make the process, both for your family and for your own peace-of-mind, more manageable and less taxing.

Ideally, you will have worked with an  attorney to put your affairs in order. A properly structured plan will be tailored to your unique life’s circumstances it will also take into consideration your financial and medical circumstances, and complicated issues — such as family dynamics, and solutions to minimize tax consequences, among others. You may also include a letter of final wishes. While not legally binding, it provides you the opportunity to express how you want your wishes carried out and the reasoning behind your decisions.

With your planning documents in place you’ve provided a roadmap for loved to ease their burden and to settle your estate according to your wishes.

If, in fact, you are one of the many people who avoid planning because you: Don’t see a need for one; you don’t plan to die soon; you don’t want to pay for one, or any of the many other excuses people use to avoid estate planning it’s time to reconsider that mindset.

If you want to ensure that your family can manage your things after you pass and if you want to provide for your loved ones in the best possible way — now is the time to seek professional help.

Linda T. Cammuso is a founding partner of Estate Preservation Law Offices located in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is a skilled estate planning and elder law attorney and has authored many articles on elder care and long term estate planning issues. She has appeared on Money Matters Radio and has been a speaker for various community and professional organizations. 








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