What Defines Us Drives Our Behavior: What’s Your Obsession

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Whatever we seek in order to feel worthy, safe and fully nourished will most likely become an obsession.

By Mindy Gorman-Plutzer

The dictionary defines obsession as a fixation, a consuming passion or mania, idée fixe, a compulsion, preoccupation, infatuation, addiction, fetish, craze, a phobia, complex, a neurosis.

Whatever we seek in order to feel worthy, safe and fully nourished will most likely become an obsession, something we need in order to feel whole and complete.

If your self-worth comes from how you look or the image you believe you must present to the world, you obsess about your weight and your body. You’re consumed with diet, the scale and exercise in an effort to achieve a perceived level of perfection. Your relationship with food is mired in fear and confusion.

Work Obsession?

If your self-worth is determined by wealth and material success, you pursue money to feel safe and complete. You’ll be ruled by and obsessed with work, believing you have “to do it all” in an effort “to have it all.” Your relationship with food will reflect your fear of not enough, never being satisfied, and lead to over eating. Your consumption with work results in mindless eating.

If your self-worth relies on what you give to others, you pursue approval or praise to feel whole, safe and complete. You’ll be ruled by and obsessed with the judgments of others, putting yourself last. You may not eat when you’re hungry as you’re tending to the needs of others. When you finally stop to feed your needs, you often find yourself bingeing out of hunger, exhaustion or for stress relief.

Who Are You As An Eater?

The true path to wholeness, safety and a fully nourished life is one that’s connected to your soul, your deepest sense of self. In that sacred place, there is love and respect. If you’ve lost your way, it’s begging to be re-claimed. Trust me, I know.

The greatest gift of my recovery from 20+ years of disordered eating and addictive behaviors, was to learn I was worthy, valuable and lovable through the light and the darkness, that I could fall and rise up even taller than before, that the enormity of my presence on this blessed earth had nothing to do with the size of my body.

For all those years, food had become the vehicle with which I chose to act out in an effort to control what I felt I had no control over — my feelings, my worthiness and my body. When I chose recovery, I learned to accept food as nourishment and information for my body; what came next was learning that I could find joy and freedom as well.

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer is a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Board Certified Health Coach and a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She offers practical nutrition and lifestyle coaching which is aligned with the practices of Functional Medicine and the proven strategies of The Freedom Promise. She will guide you to your best nutrition and lifestyle choices, while you uncover the root cause and triggers that are creating challenging symptoms. Mindy can meet you in her Manhattan office, or virtually, from wherever you are. For more information, go to www.thefreedompromise.com. Follow her on twitter at @FreedomPromise.

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