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Grandparents: Festive Tips Set Holiday Mood


It’s the most festive time of the year. Be sure to fill your home with the classic scents, sounds and sights of the holiday season in the following ways.

? Start a Cookie Tradition. Bring the family together by baking cookies. Not only will it fill the home with a scrumptious aroma, it’s a fun activity that can involve everyone. Let kids get creative and decorate their own batch. In the spirt of giving, make some extras to share with friends, neighbors, teachers, coworkers and more.

? Sing carols. During the holiday season, carol from the comfort of home. To experience a sense of community, organize an at-home holiday sing-along. An elegant, compact digital piano such as Casio’s Privia PX-770 is great for this seasonal tradition. Record your performances for posterity using its two-track MIDI recorder.

? Display greetings. For a festive feel, you can enlist your grandchildren to creatively decorate your home using your holiday cards with greetings from loved ones. String cards together and hang them in the doorway, decorate the fridge or display them on the mantle.

? Get into the spirit. Frosty pine, sugar cookies, cinnamon and more. Fill your home with the spirit of the holidays using essential oils and candles of classic holiday scents. Or, keep it natural and boil cinnamon sticks with orange and cloves.

? Enjoy your favorite flicks. From classic dramas to contemporary comedies, the holiday genre is eclectic. Set up a home theater and enjoy you and your grandchildren can enjoy favorite films with with some hot chocolate and snacks under a cozy blanket. To get an upgraded movie theater-like experience at home, check out the projectors from Casio’s LampFree line-up, which offer eliable, brilliant images.

At your next holiday party, consider projecting movies silently while playing music for an extra boost of cheer. — StatePoint


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