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Time-saving outdoor spring cleaning tips


Your shed, your garage, your toolbox— it’s time to take stock of what you’re storing in these key areas. Broken tools, piles of junk, these are items that will get in your way and slow you down all season long. So before you get to the nitty gritty of your outdoor spring clean, take the time to organize your workspace.

Throw out what is junk, donate what you aren’t using, and organize the rest into categories. Vertical storage can save crucial room, so install tall shelves and use walls and the ceiling to install organizational systems. Now is also a great opportunity to perform routine maintenance on your lawn equipment and tools to improve their efficiency.

Identify Multitasking Tools

Check out innovations on old tools that can make your versatile workload easier. For example, you can upgrade your conventional pressure washer for a newer model with more diverse functionality since different surfaces require different cleaning techniques. Whether you’re cleaning up tough mold and mildew stains from your deck or patio or washing the more delicate surface of your car, there are power washers that allow you to switch modes or apply soap directly from the nozzle. This feature eliminates the need for switching attachments or walking back to the pressure washer, making an afternoon of diverse to-dos manageable.

Do Smart Yard Maintenance

If you have a larger yard, consider a riding mower to save time and energy on lawn maintenance. Remember not to over mow your lawn. Not only is it not healthy for the grass, it can be a time suck and increase your carbon footprint needlessly. Likewise, only water your lawn and garden when necessary. During periods of rain, you can ease up on this chore. The most efficient times of day to water your lawn are morning. When the sun is strongest, you will lose more water to evaporation and your work will be for naught. By changing up your lawn care habits, you can save time all season.

While working outdoors can be fun, don’t spend more time than you need to on your household spring cleaning tasks. Finding simple ways to be more efficient will give you more time to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. — StatePoint

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