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How to make the most out of your diet

By Carolyn Schultz Eggert

Maintaining the right balance of calories consumed and calories burned is not an exact science when it comes to diet. Although we can receive instant gratification from fitness monitors, there is still no easy way to know how many calories we are consuming at each meal.

I remember my mother carrying around a pocket-sized book listing foods and their calories. More recently, food labels have been redesigned to be more user-friendly. But a serving of ice cream to me differs from the serving size represented on the label.

Matt Webster, a cell biologist at GE Global Research is developing advanced sensor technology that will estimate dietary calories in food. At this time there is an early prototype, however the goal is to be able to push a button on a simple device that will provide accurate calorie counts of the meals we eat.

Seeing the calories on menus has had an impact on me (no more fettuccini Alfredo and chocolate chip muffins are only for special occasions). When Webster’s calorie sensor makes it to the market, we will have real information to make even better choices.

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