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March audio books from Hachette

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TROUBLE IN MIND*                                                                                                  Pub Date: March 4

By Jeffery Deaver          Read by Elijah Alexander, Kate Reading, Dennis Boutsikaris, Jim Frangione, 

Erik Singer and Keith Szarabajka

A collection of twelve original and previously published short stories from New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver.  Deaver’s beloved series characters Lincoln Rhyme, Kathryn Dance, and John Pellam return, and he proves once again his genius for the unexpected — in his world, appearances are always deceiving.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2546-0 ▪ 14 CD/17 hours ▪ $35.00/$39.00 Can.


CHELSEA CHELSEA BANG BANG*           Pub Date: March 4

By Chelsea Handler           Read by the Author

In this collection of essays, at long last in audio read by Chelsea herself, life doesn’t get more hilarious than when Chelsea Handler takes aim with her irreverent wit.  Whether it’s teaching her father social graces by ordering him to stay indoors, playing a prank on her boyfriend, to adopting a dog to snuggle with someone who doesn’t talk, CHELSEA CHELSEA BANG BANG is good good good good!

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2564-4 ▪ 5 CD/4.5 hours ▪ $25.00/$28.00 Can.


EYES ON TARGET*                       Pub Date: March 11

By Scott McEwen and Richard Miniter                 Read by Holter Graham

Told through the eyes of current and former Navy SEALs, EYES ON TARGET is an inside account of some of the most harrowing missions in American history.  Through their many interviews and unique access, Scott McEwen and Richard Miniter pull back the veil that has so often concealed the heroism of these patriots.  They are the Navy SEALs, and they keep their Eyes on Target.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5240-4 ▪ 6 CD/6.5 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.


ROBERT LUDLUM’S ™ THE JANSON OPTION*         Pub Date: March 18 By Paul Garrison                 Read by Scott Shepherd

When American Synergy Corporation oil executive Kingsman Helms begs Janson to rescue his wife, Allegra, from Somali pirates, Janson and Kincaid view it as the perfect opportunity to infiltrate ASC.  Janson and Kincaid quickly find themselves embroiled in a bewildering storm of plots and counterplots, and their fight to survive threatens to disrupt the entire region, and beyond….

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6196-9303-6 ▪ 8 CD/9 hours ▪ $35.00/$39.00 Can.

YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN*         Pub Date: March 18

By Jean Hanff Korelitz             Read by Christine Delaine

Grace Reinhart Sachs is living the only life she ever wanted for herself. Devoted to her husband, their young son Henry, and the patients she sees in her therapy practice, her days are full of familiar things.  However, a chasm opens in her own life: a violent death, a missing husband, and an ongoing chain of terrible revelations.  Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-7813-8 ▪ 14 CD/16.5 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.


NYPD RED 2*         Pub Date: March 24

By James Patterson and Marshall Karp              Read by Edoardo Ballerini and Jay Snyder

When NYPD Red arrives at a crime scene, everyone takes notice of the elite task force called in only for New York City’s most high-profile crimes.  But even with their top-notch training, detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie McDonald aren’t prepared for what they see when they’re called to a crime scene in the heart of Central Park.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6111-3052-2 ▪ 7 CD/8 hours ▪ $35.00/$39.00 Can.



By James Patterson and Julia Bergen                    Read by Bryan Kennedy and Cassandra Morris

The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, and as readers of the Middle School stories know, they don’t exactly see eye to eye. But when wild-card Rafe and mostly-straight-laced Georgia go at it, the only thing more fun than their ranting is getting to join in!

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5261-9 ▪ 2 CD/2 hours ▪ $18.00/$20.00 Can.

TAKE ME BACK           Pub Date: March 4

By Kelli Maine                                                                                                      Read by Annie Green

Rachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past. She’s come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island, where she looks forward to happy days and bliss-filled nights in the arms of Merrick Rocha. But when she finds a trunk full of old photo albums and handwritten notes, Rachael soon realizes that the island has not given up all its secrets . . .

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0109-9 ▪ 3 hours ▪ $4.98/$5.98 Can.


TAKE THIS MAN                                                                                              Pub Date: March 4

By Kelli Maine                                                                                                      Read by Annie Green

Rachael and Merrick must decide once and for all if their love is strong enough to overcome the roadbloack in their path to happily ever after.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0110-5 ▪ 1.5 hours ▪ $4.98/$5.98 Can.

GIVEN                                                                                                                      Pub Date: March 4

By Kelli Maine                                                                                                      Read by Annie Green

The emotional rollercoaster of the USA Today bestselling Give & Take series by Kelli Maine continues!  Rachael and Merrick must decide once and for all if their love is strong enough to overcome the roadbloack in their path to happily ever after.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2473-9 ▪ 7 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

GHOST TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS                                                                      Pub Date: March 4

By Mur Lafferty                                                                                                          Read by the Author

Zoe Norris writes travel guides for the undead. And she’s good at it too her new-found ability to talk to cities seems to help. With her supernatural colleagues waiting to see her fail, and rumors of a new threat hunting city talkers, can Zoe stay alive long enough to finish her next book?

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0040-5 ▪ 9 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.


PERFECT GAME                                                                                              Pub Date: March 4

By Matt Christopher                                                                                         Read by Nick Sullivan

Two weeks of intense competition remain to decide the final teams for the Little League® World Series. This year, the anticipation is high as it’s possible that both of the previous final two teams will return, a very rare occurrence. And those are the teams Carter and Liam now play for! These two players, one from each team, are thinking the same thought: How can I play against my best friend?

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2554-5 ▪ 3 hours ▪ $9.98/$10.98 Can.


BOLD TRICKS                                                                                            Pub Date: March 11           

By Karina Halle                                                                                                    Read by Veronica Den

USA Today bestselling author, Karina Halle, brings you the final installment in her sexy, action-packed, Artists Trilogy contemporary romance series.  Crime boss Travis Raine has kidnapped con artist Ellie Watt’s good friend Gus as well as her mother, whom he’s been holding as prized possessions in his heavily guarded lair.  Ellie has only one chance in hell of getting them out alive-using two dangerous men who love her to death . . .

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0063-4 ▪ 8.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.


WATCHING YOU                                                                                            Pub Date: March 11

By Michael Robotham                                                                                           Read by Sean Barrett

Marnie Logan has reason to be frightened. Her husband Daniel has vanished, and the police have no leads in the case.  After seeking help from clinical psychologist Joe O’Laughlin, Marnie discovers her husband’s explorations into her past led him to a shocking revelation on the eve of his disappearance: Anyone who has ever gotten close to Marnie has paid an exacting price. A cold-blooded killer is eliminating the people in Marnie’s life, and now that O’Laughlin is a part of it, he is next in line.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7884-8 ▪ 12 hours ▪ $26.98/NCR


THE FELL SWORD                                                                                            Pub Date: March 11

By Miles Cameron                                                                                         Read by Matthew Wolf

Miles Cameron weaves a tale of magic and depravity in the sequel to The Red Knight. When the emperor is taken hostage, the Red Knight and his men find their services in high demand—and themselves surrounded by enemies. The country is in revolt, the capital city is besieged and any victory will be hard won.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-47897-943-2 ▪ 28.5 hours ▪ $26.98/$29.98 Can.


FIRE INSIDE                                                                                                        Pub Date: March 25

By Kristen Ashley                                                                                            Read by Kate Russell

Lanie Heron isn’t looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club . . .

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2562-0 ▪ 11.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

VAMPIRES NEED NOT . . . APPLY?                                                                    Pub Date: March 25

By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff                                                                                            Read by Helen Wick

In book 4 in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance series, Dr. Antonio Acero, heir to Spain’s wealthy family, discovers an ancient Mayan tablet with legendary magical property.  When Antonio attempts to put the tablet to use, he’ll discover that Fate has other plans. Her name is Ixtab, and she’s quite possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7882-4 ▪ 12 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.


THE LAND OF STEADY HABITS                                                                    Pub Date: March 25

By Ted Thompson                                                                                             Read by Joe Barrett

Coming of age can happen at the strangest times. For Anders Hill, it’s finally time to reap the rewards of a sensible life. Into his sixties and newly retired, his grown sons’ college tuitions paid in full, Anders finds the contentment he’s been promised is still just out of reach. So he decides he’s had enough of steady habits: he leaves his wife, buys a condo, and waits for freedom to transform him.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-5176-6 ▪ 7.5 hours ▪ $25.98/$28.98 Can.


TRUTH AND FEAR                                                                                            Pub Date: March 25

By Peter Higgins                                                                                          Read by Neil Dickson

Investigator Lom returns to Mirgorod and finds the city in the throes of a crisis. The war against the Archipelago is not going well.  But Lom has other concerns. The police are after him, the mystery of the otherworldly Pollandore remains and the vast Angel is moving, turning all of nature against the city.  But will the horrors of war overtake all their plans?

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7946-3 ▪ 13.5 hours ▪ $25.98/$28.98 Can.


EVER AFTER HIGH: THE STORYBOOK OF LEGENDS                                Pub Date: March 25

By Shannon Hale                                                                                Read by Kathleen McInerney

At Ever After High, an enchanting boarding school, the children of fairytale legends prepare themselves to fulfill their destinies as the next generation of Snow Whites, Prince Charmings and Evil Queens… whether they want to or not.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2809-6 ▪ 7.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

BEAUTIFUL DAY                                       Pub Date: March 4

By Elin Hilderbrand                                                                                               Read by Thérèse Plummer

“Elin Hilderbrand’s addition to her Nantucket-based collection is captivating and thought-provoking… Told from multiple points of view, with Therese Plummer’s expert narration, this audiobook gives the reader the sensation of being one of the actual wedding guests.”

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5172-8 ▪ 10 CD/12.5 hours ▪ $20.00/$22.00 Can.


MISTRESS                                                                                                        Pub Date: March 11

By James Patterson and David Ellis                                                            Read by Kevin T. Collins

“MISTRESS receives a powerful reading by Kevin T. Collins, who adds a vivid and lively tone to a gripping story of Ben, who is consumed by obessions with objects, a beautiful woman and her murder.” –MidWest Book Review

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5170-4 ▪ 9 CD/10 hours ▪ $20.00/$22.00 Can.

A STORY OF GOD AND ALL OF US                                                                    Pub Date: March 18

By Roma Downey and Mark Burnett                              Read by Keith David and featuring the Authors

“A STORY OF GOD AND ALL OF US provides a fine companion to the ten-hour miniseries the Bible produced by the authors, is narrated by Tony award-winning actor Keith David, and provides a powerful survey of Scripture’s stories in a new novel that retells the sagas from the Bible.”

The MidWest Book Review

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-7985-2 ▪ 11 CD/13 hours ▪ $20.00/$22.00 Can.


MIDDLE SCHOOL: GET ME OUT OF HERE!                                            Pub Date: March 31

By James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts                                                              Read by Bryan Kennedy

“If you’ve already read MIDDLE SCHOOL: THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE, then you’ve already met Rafe, and you will surely delight in this book as much as in the first… Perfect for the entire family, this is an ideal audiobook to listen to on a long car ride, or during a power outage.”

Large Print Reviews

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6196-9338-8 ▪ 3 CD/3.5 hours ▪ $15.00/$17.00 Can.


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