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January audio books from Hachette

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ON THE EDGE*                                                                                               Pub Date: January 7

By Alison Levine                                                                                                Read by the Author

Author Alison Levine makes the case that the leadership principles that apply in extreme adventure sport also apply in today’s extreme business environments. ON THE EDGE provides a framework to help people scale whatever big peaks they aspire to climb – be they literal or figurative – by offering practical, humorous, and often unorthodox advice about how to grow as a leader.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2522-4 ▪ 7 CD/8.5 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.


THE POUND A DAY DIET*                                                                                Pub Date: January 7

By Rocco DiSpirito                                                                                              Read by the Author

THE POUND A DAY DIET is an accelerated program designed to help dieters lose up to five pounds every five days – without frustrating plateaus – while enjoying all their favorite foods.  This delicious, easy-to-use, plan is specifically formulated as a Mediterranean-style diet that is carb and calorie corrected to turbocharge metabolism and weight loss.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-0068-9 ▪ 6 CD/7 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.


FIRST LOVE*                                                                                                      Pub Date: January 13

By James Patterson and Emily Raymond                                                             Read by Lauren Fortgang

Axi Moore is a “good girl,” but doesn’t tell anyone that what she really wants is to run away from it all.  When Axi impulsively invites Robinson, her best friend and person who she also is madly in love with to come with her on an unplanned cross-country road trip, she breaks the rules for the first time in her life.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6196-9701-0 ▪ 6 CD/7 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.


HIDDEN FIRES*                                                                                            Pub Date: January 14

By Sandra Brown                                                                                    Read by Kevin T. Collins

Preacher’s daughter Lauren thinks that she is going to work for wealthy Olivia Lockett as a secretary. Instead, the matriarch makes Lauren a scandalous offer to marry her son in name only. Lauren has strong feelings for him but are they strong enough?

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2753-2 ▪ 12 CD/14 hours ▪ $25.00/$28.00 Can.




THE CONFIDENT MOM*                                                                              Pub Date: January 21  

By Joyce Meyer                                                                                                        Read by Jodi Carlisle

Coach, cheerleader, confidant, chef and chauffeur – the job description of a mom is as broad as the horizon.  In THE CONFIDENT MOM you will be encouraged that you are not alone – God is with you and He wants to help you become the joyful, confident mother He created you to be!

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2756-3 ▪ 4 CD/5 hours ▪ $20.00/$22.00 Can.



THE PLAN*                           Pub Date: January 7

By Lyn-Genet Recitas   Read by Jean Alexander

In this revolutionary, New York Times bestseller, cutting-edge nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas reveals the surprising truth behind what actually makes people pack on the pounds.  Feel better, look better, and be empowered by the knowledge of what truly works best for your body!

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-5290-9 ▪ 7.5 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM DYING*                                                        Pub Date: January 7

By David R. Dow                                                                                              Read by the Author

Told through the disparate lenses of the legal battles he’s spent a career fighting, THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM DYING offers a poignant and lyrical account of how illness and loss can ravage a family.  Dow offers listeners hope without cliché and reaffirms our basic human needs for acceptance and love by giving voice to the anguish we all face when our loved ones die tragically, and far too soon.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2530-9 ▪ 7.5 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



HATE LIST*                                                                                                        Pub Date: January 7

By Jennifer Brown                                                                                Read by Kathleen McInerney

Five months ago, Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend opened fire on their school cafeteria.  Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list she helped create. A list of people and things she and Nick hated; the list he used to pick his targets.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2533-0 ▪ 9.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.



SAY SOMETHING*                                                                                               Pub Date: January 7

By Jennifer Brown                                                                                    Read by Ivan Martinovic

Delve deeper into the world of HATE LIST in this e-original novella from acclaimed author Jennifer Brown.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2534-7 ▪ 2.5 hour ▪ $4.98/$5.98 Can.





ERASED*                                                                                                        Pub Date: January 7

By Jennifer Rush                                                                                    Read by Casey Holloway

After fleeing the Branch with Sam, Cas, and Nick, Anna is trying to make sense of the memories resurfacing from her old life.  However, when a figure from her childhood reappears, Anna must fight to learn the truth – before she is betrayed again.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2535-4 ▪ 5.5 hours ▪ $22.98/$24.98 Can.



ZOM-B GLADIATOR*                                                                                Pub Date: January 7

By Darren Shan                                                                                                      Read by Emma Galvin

Without a shadow of a doubt, B Smith has decided to live – and to fight for good as long as possible. London is swarming with human mercenaries, though, whose sense of right and wrong dissolved when society did. When they lay a trap, B is captured. It’ll take dozens of battles – and the fight of a lifetime – to escape, in the sixth novella from master of teen horror Darren Shan.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2521-7 ▪ 3 hours ▪ $19.98/NCR



THE VISIONIST*                                                                                          Pub Date: January 14

By Rachel Urquhart                                                     Read by Ellen Archer, Peter Ganim and Ali Ahn

It is the Era of Manifestations, when young girls in Shaker enclaves all across the Northeast are experiencing extraordinary mystical visions.  The City of Hope has not yet been blessed with a Visionist, but that changes when Polly arrives. As she struggles to keep her dark secrets concealed in the face of increasing scrutiny, Polly finds herself in a life – changing friendship with a young Shaker who will stake everything on Polly’s honesty and purity.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-6196-9469-9 ▪ 12 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



SAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE*                                                                  Pub Date: January 14

By Ian Rankin                                                                                             Read by James Macpherson

Rebus is back on the force, albeit with a demotion and a chip on his shoulder.  He is investigating a car accident when news arrives that a case from 30 years ago is being reopened.  Malcolm Fox, in what will be his last case as an internal affairs cop, is tasked with finding out the truth. Past and present collide in a shocking and murderous fashion.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7984-5 ▪ 11 hours ▪ $26.98/NCR



SWITCHBLADE (AN ORIGINAL DIGITAL SHORT)*                                  Pub Date: January 14

By Michael Connelly                                                                                              Read by Len Cariou

An anonymous tip puts Bosch on a case that has remained unsolved for decades, the vicious stabbing of a teenage boy whose body was found in an abandoned Old Hollywood restaurant.  Determined to speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves, Bosch has one chance to wrench a confession out of a cold-blooded killer, or risk letting him walk free for good.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-8162-6 ▪ 1 hour ▪ $3.98/$4.98 Can.



FOR THE BENEFIT OF THOSE WHO SEE*                                                      Pub Date: January 14

By Rosemary Mahoney                                                                                               Read by the Author

Rosemary Mahoney tells the story of Braille Without Borders, the first school for the blind in Tibet.  Fascinated by what she learned, Mahoney was moved to investigate the cultural history of blindness.  By living among the blind, Mahoney enables us to see them in fascinating close up, revealing their particular “quality of ease that seems to broadcast a fundamental connection to the world.”

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2527-9 ▪ 9.5 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



MERCY SNOW*                                                                                            Pub Date: January 14

By Tiffany Baker                                                                                      Read by Christine Lakin

In the tiny town of Titan Falls, New Hampshire, the paper mill dictates a quiet, steady rhythm of life. But one day, a tragic bus accident sets two families on a course toward destruction, irrevocably altering the lives of everyone in their wake.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2529-3 ▪ 11.5 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



SINS AND NEEDLES*                                                                                          Pub Date: January 14

By Karina Halle                                                                                                    Read by Veronica Den

Ellie Watt is used to starting over. The daughter of a grifting team, Ellie spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her parents’ latest scam. Now she’s much older, wiser and ready to give her con artist life a rest.  But when Camden, a talented tattoo artist with a thriving business, finds out about her plan to con him, he makes her a deal she can’t refuse. 

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0060-3 ▪ 9 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.



BREAKING NOVA*                                                                                          Pub Date: January 14

By Jessica Sorensen                                                         Read by Stephanie Willis and Jed Drummond

Self-publishing phenom Jessica Sorensen returns with an all-new New Adult series about love, scars, and impossible choices.  Nova Reed used to have dreams of becoming a famous drummer and marrying her true love. But all of that was taken away.  Quinton once got a second chance at life – but the tattoos on his chest are a reminder of what he’s done and lost.  He knows he’s too damaged to get close to Nova, yet Quinton will have to decide: does he deserve to start over?

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-0112-9 ▪ 8.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.



NEVER HAVE I EVER*                                                                                Pub Date: January 14

By Katie Heaney                                                                                        Read by Sarah Franco

“I’ve been single for my entire life. Not one boyfriend. Not one short-term dating situation. Not one person with whom I regularly hung out and kissed on the face.”  So begins Katie Heaney’s memoir of her years spent looking for love, but never quite finding it.  Funny, relatable, and inspiring, this is a memoir for anyone who has ever struggled to find love, but has also had a lot of fun in the process.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-5175-9 ▪ 8.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

CHOOSE TO LOSE*                                                                                          Pub Date: January 14

By Chris Powell                                                                                                          Read by the Author

From celebrated fitness trainer Chris Powell, star of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, comes this inspirational weight loss book to help anyone conquer their weight.  With detailed exercises and guidelines, Powell not only shows you how to lose pounds, but also teaches you how to finally take control of the incredible machine that is your body.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2772-3 ▪ 5 hours ▪ $22.98/$24.98 Can.



CHOOSE MORE, LOSE MORE*                                                                  Pub Date: January 21

By Chris Powell                                                                                                          Read by the Author

Chris understands that weight loss can plateau when we get bored. So in this audiobook, he focuses on choices that pack maximum results into minimal time. He also offers more delicious and easy recipes that keep you eating well, staying motivated and inspired!

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2773-0 ▪ 5.5 hours ▪ $22.98/$24.98 Can.



THIS MAN CONFESSED*                                                                              Pub Date: January 21

By Jodi Ellen Malpas                                                                                          Read by Edita Brychta

The Manor, the place where their love affair began, fills with guests on what should be the happiest day of Ava and Jesse’s lives.  Their love is profound, but just when she thinks that she’s finally gotten beneath his guarded exterior, more questions arise.  He knows too well how to take her to a place beyond ecstasy . . . but will he also drive her to the brink of despair? It’s time for this man to confess.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-8092-6 ▪ 20 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.



DOMINION                                                                                                      Pub Date: January 28

By C.J. Sansom                                                                                                Read by Daniel Weyman

1952. Twelve years have passed since Churchill and Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany.  The British people find themselves under Nazi rule, but Churchill’s Resistance soldiers on. As defiance grows, whispers circulate of a secret that could forever alter the balance of the global struggle.  DOMINION explores how, in moments of crisis, history can turn on the decisions of a few – the secrets they choose to keep and the bonds they share.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-5232-9 ▪ 21 hours ▪ $26.98/NCR Can.



CALL ME BURROUGHS*                                                                               Pub Date: January 28

By Barry Miles                                                                                           Read by Malcolm Hillgartner

Fifty years ago, Norman Mailer asserted, “William Burroughs is the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed by genius.” Few since have taken such literary risks, developed such individual ideas, or spanned such a wide range of media.  CALL ME BURROUGHS is a rigorously researched biography that gets to the heart of its notoriously mercurial subject.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-6111-3761-3 ▪ 32 hours ▪ $26.98/29.98 Can.


MOTORCYCLE MAN*                                                                                Pub Date: January 28

By Kristen Ashley                                                                                           Read by Kate Russell

Tyra Masters meets the man of her dreams: a tattooed, muscled biker; unfortunately, he’s also her new boss.  When Kane “Tack” Allen learns he spent last night in bed with his new office manager he tells her she can keep her job on one condition: no more sex. Ever. But as things heat up between them, Tack finds that he’ll be the one breaking all the rules.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2531-6 ▪ 14.5 hours ▪ $19.98/21.98 Can.




By Penthouse International                                              Read by Max Andover and Natasha Smolder

How far will you go in (or out) of the bedroom? What sexual boundaries do you dream about crossing? In this red-hot collection of letters from the most adventurous Penthouse readers, you’ll find that there are no limits to your fantasies.

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2559-0 ▪ 10 hours ▪ $19.98/21.98 Can.



THE FELL SWORD*                                                                                          Pub Date: January 28

By Miles Cameron                                                                                        Read by Matthew Wolf

When the Emperor is taken hostage, the Red Knight and his men find their services in high demand – and themselves surrounded by enemies.  But the Red Knight has a plan.  Can he negotiate the political, magical, real and romantic battlefields at the same time – especially when he intends to be victorious on them all?

 Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7943-2 ▪ 9 hours ▪ $26.98/29.98 Can.


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