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Hachette Audio presents the following November titles:

STELLA BAIN *            Pub Date: November 12

By Anita Shreve         Read by Hope Davis

It is 1916, and a woman awakens, wounded, in a field hospital in northern France. She wears the uniform of a British nurse’s aide but has an American accent. With no memory of her past or what brought her to this distant war, she knows only that she can drive an ambulance, and that her name is Stella Bain. In a narrative that takes us from London to America and back again, Shreve has created an engrossing and wrenching tale about love and the meaning of memory, set against the haunting backdrop of a war that destroyed an entire generation.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6196-9218-3 ▪ 8 CD/9 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can. 

WHITE FIRE*    Pub date: November 12

By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child             Read by Re Auberjonois

Special Agent Pendergast arrives at an exclusive Colorado ski resort to rescue his protégée, Corrie Swanson, from serious trouble with the law.  Now, with the ski resort snowed in and under savage attack, Pendergast must solve the enigma of the past before the town of the present goes up in flames.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6196-9462-0 ▪ 11 CD/13 hours ▪ $40.00/$44.00 Can.

LONE SURVIVOR* (Movie Tie-In Edition)                 Pub Date: November 19

By Marcus Luttrell, with Patrick Robinson              Read by Kevin T. Collins

Four US Navy SEALS departed one clear night in early July, 2005 for the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border for a reconnaissance mission.  This is the story of the only survivor of Operation Redwing, SEAL team leader Marcus Luttrell, and the extraordinary firefight that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2708-2 ▪ 13 CD/14 hours ▪ $25.00/$28.00 Can. 

KING & MAXWELL*   Pub Date: November 19

By David Baldacci Read by Ron Mclarty and Orlagh Cassidy

David Baldacci brings back Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, featured in the hit TNT TV series

King & Maxwell.  It seems at first like a simple, tragic story.  Tyler Wingo, a teenage boy, learns the awful news that his father, a soldier, was killed in action in Afghanistan. Then the extraordinary happens: Tyler receives a communication from his father . . . after his supposed death.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2502-6 ▪ 10 CD/12.5 hours ▪ $40.00/$44.00 Can.

Abridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2500-2 ▪ 6 CD/7.5 hours ▪ $30.00/$33.00 Can.

 CROSS MY HEART*   Pub Date: November 25

By James Patterson                    Read by Michael Boatman, Tom Wopat

James Patterson raises the stakes to their highest level, ever-when Alex Cross becomes the obsession of a genius of menace set on proving that he is the greatest mind in the history of crime.  When the ones Cross loves are in danger, he will do anything to protect them. If he does anything to protect them, they will die.

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-6111-3034-8 ▪ 9 CD/10 hours ▪ $35.00/$39.00 Can.

Abridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-2495-1 ▪ 7 CD/8 hours ▪ $25.00/$28.00 Can.

THE EDGE OF ALWAYS*       Pub Date: November 5

By J.A. Redmerski                    Read by Daniel May and Leslie Bellair

In the highly anticipated sequel to THE EDGE OF NEVER, Camryn and Andrew are pursuing their love for music and living life to the fullest as they always swore to do. But when tragedy befalls them, their relationship is put to the ultimate test.  As Camryn tries to numb her pain, Andrew decides to take Camryn on a new journey filled with hope and passion.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7935-7 ▪ 9.5 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

A DANCE OF BLADES       Pub Date: November 5

By David Dalglish                             Read by Elijah Alexander

Fantasy author David Dalglish spins another tale of retribution and darkness, and an underworld reaching for ultimate power in Book 2 of the Shadowdance series.   Peace or destruction; every war must have its end.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7909-8 ▪ 13 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

CURTSIES & CONSPIRACIES*      Pub Date: November 5

By Gail Garriger       Read by Moira Quirk

In this sequel to bestselling author Gail Carriger’s YA debut ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE, class is back in session with more petticoats and poison, tea trays and treason. Gail’s distinctive voice, signature humor, and lush steampunk setting are sure to be the height of fashion this season.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2510-1 ▪ 9.5 hours ▪ $22.98/$24.98 Can. 

THE LAST DOGS: THE LONG ROAD     Pub Date: November 5

By Christopher Holt, Illustrated by Allen Douglas     Read by Andrew Bates

The third book in an exciting middle grade series, a science experiment gone horribly awry has granted dogs Max, Rocky, and Gizmo the ability to read and understand human words. Armed with this know-how, they continue to journey, on the lookout for beacons that lead the trio to their people.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2511-8 ▪ 7 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can. 

THE CRASH OF 2016*   Pub Date: November 12

By Thom Hartmann         Read by Dan Woren

One of the most influential progressive voices in America tells the story of the hollowing of the Middle Class in America.  Thoroughly researched and passionately argued, THE CRASH OF 2016 is not just a roadmap to redemption in post-Crash America, but a wake-up call, challenging us to act.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-6196-9647-1 ▪ 9 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN*   Pub Date: November 12

By Kate Locke       Read by Moira Quirk

The fantastic conclusion to the Immortal Empire series, Xandra Vardan thought life would be simpler when she accepted the goblin crown and became their queen, but life has only become more complicated.  Xandra’s finding out that being queen isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and if she doesn’t do something fast, hers will be the shortest reign in history.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-6196-9674-7 ▪ 10.5 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.

KETCHUP CLOUDS   Pub Date: November 12

By Annabel Pitcher         Read by Julie Maissey

Rising literary star Annabel Pitcher pens a captivating second novel, a literary confessional that explores the themes of first love, guilt, and grief told through letters to a death row inmate that is both chilling and moving; and introduces a character with a witty voice and true emotional resonance.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2512-5 ▪ 6 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

COLLISION LOW CROSSERS   Pub Date: November 19

By Nicholas Dawidoff    Read by David DeVries

Experience life deep inside an NFL team, from the combine to the draft to every last second of preparation and play, through the eyes of one of America’s great journalists, Nicholas DawidoffHere finally is the definitive work on the elusive game, a story that is part Paper Lion and part Moneyball, part Deliverance and part The Office.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-2508-8 ▪ 10.5 hours ▪ $25.98/$28.98 Can.

ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO . . . A VAMPIRE?    Pub Date: November 19

By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff         Read by Helen Wick

Book 2 in the bestselling paranormal romance Accidentally Yours series, biologist Helena Strauss makes the discovery of a lifetime when she meets Niccolo, and finds herself caught in a world of supernatural secrets and dangerous delights. But can a hot-blooded gal like her really settle down with a cold-hearted vampire?

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-7880-0 ▪ 8 hours ▪ $19.98/$21.98 Can.

BENEATH THIS MAN   Pub Date: November 26

By Jodi Ellen Malpas     Read by Edita Brychta

The second book of the erotic This Man Trilogy, Jesse Ward drowned her with his intensity and blindsided her with his passion.  He’s dark, he’s broken – Ava knows this, but the only way to find out how dark and how broken is to get beneath the steely exterior of this man.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-5392-0 ▪ 13 hours ▪ $24.98/$27.98 Can.

NIGHTS OF CAKE & PUPPETS      Pub Date: November 26

By Laini Taylor Read by Khristine Hvam

A romantic, magical, never-before-seen novella about Daughter of Smoke & Bone fan-favorites Zuzana and Mik’s first date.  This is the perfect love story for fans of the series and new listeners alike.

Unabridged DL ▪ 978-1-4789-8215-9 ▪ 2.5 hours ▪ $4.98/$5.98 Can.


By Chris Colfer          Read by the Author

“Chris Colfer’s STRUCK BY LIGHTNING tells of Carson Phillips . . . his ambitions and frustrations will create a scenario where blackmail enters into the picture in this engrossing story, narrated by the author . . . any audio holding will find this an engrossing saga.” – Midwest Book Review

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5194-0 ▪ 4 CD/4 hours ▪ $15.00/$17.00 Can. 


By Kyle Mills                 Read by Jeff Woodman

“While this is a fictional audio book, there is a ring of truth to the premise . . . The plot is action packed and moves along at a fast pace. Jeff Woodman is the reader on this CD set. He does a fabulous job.” – Readers’ Favorite

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5158-2 ▪ 12 CD/14 hours ▪ $20.00/$22.00 Can.

WITCH & WIZARD: THE KISS*   Pub Date: November 19

By James Patterson, Jill Dembowski         Read by Spencer Locke, Justin Long, and Cassandra Morris

“Action-packed.” – The Associated Press

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5166-7 ▪ 7 CD/7.5 hours ▪ $10.00/$11.00 Can.

THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING*     Pub Date: November 26

By James Patterson, Richard DiLallo               Read by full cast

“It’s clever, light and as welcoming as an ocean breeze.” – People

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5155-1 ▪ 4 CD/4.5 hours ▪ $15.00/$17.00 Can.

LOVE IS THE CURE   Pub Date: November 26

By Elton John           Read by the Author

“John emotionally describes his wasted years, the loss of dear friends to AIDS, and the regret he feels for not having earlier lent his celebrity to the cause. His sincere words and subsequent good deeds resonate in this performance.” – AudioFile Magazine

Unabridged CD ▪ 978-1-4789-5157-5 ▪ 5 CD/6 hours ▪ $15.00/$17.00 Can. 

* Unabridged Library Edition available through AudioGO: For more information please contact:

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