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Funeral arrangement trends

By Joe Casper

Recently I went into an Asian restaurant and asked the young waiter, “My father loved chicken chow-mein. How is it here?” To which the waiter replied, “Old school.”

So what is new school?

Based on the waiter’s response, it was clear that this remains a choice, but more people are ordering new school.

There is a new school message that lots of people are using when faced with a funeral emergency and they have limited funds.

Old school is where a family chooses a funeral home, calls them, is given the cost and then pays for the services selected.

The new school way people deal with a funeral emergency is to get more choices and make cost comparisons.

They get second opinions because they want to be certain that they are making an informed decision.

Making any type of funeral arrangement, especially simple cremations, comes down to feeling comfortable with the person you are talking with is credible and giving you direct answers. You are, after all, making arrangements for someone you care about and is very important to you.

If the response to your questions is “maybe” then it should be a “no.”

People should choose wisely. Get a list of all of the costs and services which you are considering.

If you are comfortable, then proceed. If not, then start checking additional facilities to get second and third opinions.

You won’t know unless you double check. Do your homework.

So are you old school or new school?

Joseph Casper is with Casper Funeral Services in Boston. He can be reached at 800-314-1890 or email him at Archives of articles from previous issues can be read at


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