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Tips for international funeral shipping

By Joe Casper

More and more people have the desire to return to their homeland in the event of their death.

The old adage applies, “Home is where the heart is.”

With America’s ever expanding ethnic diversity, there are increasing numbers of people who want to repatriate to their homeland.

For many, funeral-shipping expenses can be restrictive and prohibitive. Too often, families are quoted international shipping costs that are way beyond their means; make sure to get a second quote. The difference in shipping quotes can run in the thousands.

Since consulate approval is mandatory, the first question a family must ask a funeral service provider is, “Are you a known shipper?” If their answer is “no” then move on, because that funeral home won’t be allowed to place the deceased on an international flight.

The receiving country must approve all international funeral shipping and regulations; requirements must be specific and clearly defined.

It is also essential that the quote obtained for international funeral shipping services is for a complete ship out. Make certain the quote obtained is complete and without additional charges. Trust, confidence and experience are so important in selecting an international funeral service provider.

Joseph Casper is with Casper Funeral Services in Boston. He can be reached at 800-314-1890 or email him at

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