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Don’t let Congress cut Medicare and Social Security benefits

Social Security

I’m Linda Fitzgerald, volunteer state president of AARP Massachusetts.  On Wednesday, Oct. 12, I’m hitting Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, along with hundreds of AARP members and volunteer leaders from across the country.  We’ll be sending a clear message to the so-called “Supercommittee” and all Members of Congress:  “Seniors aren’t numbers.  We aren’t line items in a budget.  And we’re definitely not pushovers.  No cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits.”

The bipartisan Supercommittee – appointed by Congress this summer to come up with spending cuts to reduce the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years – is behind closed doors considering proposals that would shift health care costs onto seniors and cut our Social Security checks.  I say: Instead of cutting the benefits we’ve worked for, Congress should reduce the deficit by cutting waste and closing tax loopholes.

Over the past few weeks alone, I’ve heard from thousands of AARP members from across the Bay State who are very concerned about Medicare and Social Security. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrats, Independents, or Republicans, they think it’s wrong for the Supercommittee to cut the benefits they’ve worked for and depend on.

Yes, that’s why I’m hitting Capitol Hill.  To tell members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation – including Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who is a member of the Supercommittee: Seniors have spent our lives working for our Medicare and Social Security benefits, and we’re going to stand up and raise our voices until Congress stops threatening our Medicare and Social Security benefits.

But, I need your support.  Please join me by making a phone call – and make your voices heard.  As I walk the halls of Congress, and head into meetings with our state’s delegation, let’s make sure their phones ring off the hook!

On Oct. 12, call Sen. Kerry, Sen. Brown and your U.S. Representative at 888-722-8514.   Tell them you’re not a pushover; don’t let them cut your Medicare and Social Security benefits.  Medicare and Social Security cuts must be off the table as part of the Supercommittee’s consideration.

Also, encourage your friends to call. Congress needs to hear from those who will be affected most if cuts are made. Think of the difference that thousands of “just one voice” can make.

For more information, visit  For real-time reports on our meetings and activities in Massachusetts, “Like” the AARP MA Facebook page. 


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