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Five tips for living a healthy lifestyle

By Dr. Jean Casello

Your health is a delicate matter that is in constant change from the time you are born. Every single stage in life offers different challenges and you are faced with decisions on how best to deal with them. A healthy lifestyle is one that addresses physical, emotional and psychological health factors. Simply stated one needs to face this challenge constantly and make yourself a priority to look and feel good.

This does not mean that you simply should run out and acquire a new wardrobe or lose 10 pounds, but it does mean you need to pay close attention to yourself to build an individual program of wellbeing and promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are some basics to consider when putting together the foundations for a healthy lifestyle:

•Weight control — Recent studies have shown that being overweight increases your risk factors in developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other health problems. When it comes to your weight small changes can make a big impact. Cutting just 100 calories a day can stop the average American weight gain of two pounds a year. Simply incorporate 30 minutes of moderate activity on top of your usual routine, which is the equivalent of walking 10,000 steps a day to help you keep in shape. Limber up with stretches. To get the biggest impact plan to do both aerobic and strength exercises. You don’t need to join a gym.

•Lower stress — Decompress between tasks. Take time without distraction to slow down, listen to music, experience meditation and yoga. Be sure to get enough sleep, as it will help increase memory and ward off diseases.

•An overall healthy diet leads to lowering your risk factors for disease — Go for balance. Downsize portions and know your limits. Nutrition is basic so be sure to eat a colorful variety of fruits and veggies. (Five of each a day) Remember to include antioxidants like almonds and berries. Drink five or more glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated. Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke.

•Protect your skin — In general, plan on wearing sunscreen year-round. Put sunscreen on before you get in the car. There is a higher incident of left-sided skin cancers and pigmentations in drivers because the side and rear windows allow UV rays to penetrate.

•Supplement your body energy and health with five basic vitamins: C, B, B complex, vitamin D, calcium and a multi-vitamin. If you are taking prescription medication be sure to have a pillbox with allocated days for a.m. and p.m. so you do not miss a dose or overdose. Keep a list of everything you are taking daily in your medicine cabinet.

Remember that your body is unique and that there can be instances where you will react totally different than what the general rule predicted. Share your plan with your doctor and be sure to get all the age-appropriate screenings to prevent disease. Get healthy, stay healthy and enjoy your life.

Dr. Jean Casello is the medical director of Renovo MD. For more information go to

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