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Hospice care offers a true gift of love

By Joseph Casper

There is no greater love a person can share than giving the gift of care during a time of great need. There is no greater gift a person can give than to help a person who requires hospice or palliative care. These caregivers are very special indeed. For them, the gift of love is the gift of giving to others.

I have seen firsthand the wonderful and totally supportive commitment caregivers give to each and every person who receives hospice and palliative care. Service providers take great pride in delivering medical care and treatment with absolute dignity and respect.

Unless you witness firsthand the loving care hospice and palliative care provides, you can’t begin to appreciate just how wonderful they are.

I have had family and friends in hospice care and it gives you a great sense of inner peace to know that all that can be done is being done. It is being done when they hold the person’s hand or give them a warm and supportive hug. It’s that “Thank you” smile the person gives to their caregiver. Hospice and palliative care providers do indeed do God’s work.

Everyone wants to live life to its fullest. No one wants to receive end stage of life care.

It’s important to know that should that need arise that no one needs to cope alone. They need to know, as I have learned, that no matter how difficult or heart wrenching the circumstance that good people do great work for those with the greatest need.

I also know that should something happen and a person goes to God, that the dignity and respect they received continues to continue on.

When choosing cremation or funeral services, check to make sure the company is a member of the Hospice and Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts. As members of this extraordinary organization, area funeral homes are pledged and committed to making certain that the highest level of professionalism is provided.

It is important to ponder your options wisely in the event there is a need to choose a caring funeral service provider. After all the person in need and the family has been through you do not want to choose someone that does not maintain the highest standard given by hospice and palliative care.

There are many such providers. There are also many who simply do not understand what a family has just gone through and tend to be somewhat impersonal.

If the initial conversation doesn’t begin well, it will get worse. Trust your instincts and choose a funeral service provider, should the need arise, that gives you a sense of comfort, confidence and inner peace.

People should also be very aware of the major difference in cremation service costs.

After weeks and months of palliate and hospice care most often personal and family funds are depleted. Families are desperate to obtain reasonable and professional funeral cost. In many instances just like hospice and palliative care, state aid for cremation services are available to families. Make sure the professional you choose is an expert in this area and can help you obtain these funds.

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