Meals Are An Intergenerational Activity At Laurie’s House

16 April 2021

Welcome to the Stone house, where everyone gets a turn at the culinary wheel. There are five of us living here. Thankfully, everyone takes a turn one night a week procuring dinner.

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Biden’s Long-term Care Plan: What’s At Stake

15 April 2021

There’s widespread agreement that it’s important to help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent as long as possible. But are we prepared to do what’s necessary, as a nation, to make this possible?

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Start Early To Get Your House Retirement-Ready

14 April 2021

Many people want to remain in their homes after they retire rather than move to a senior living facility or community. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t set up to help us age safely and affordably.

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Why You Should Consider Seeing A Geriatrician

13 April 2021

It comes as second nature for most parents to take their children to a pediatrician at least once a year. The differences between children and adults are so stark that it makes sense to choose a doctor specially trained to treat younger patients.

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Biden’s Expansion Of Long-Term Care Sparks Debate

12 April 2021

President Joe Biden is proposing a major expansion of the government’s role in long-term care, but questions are being raised over his using the low-income Medicaid program and piggybacking the whole idea on an infrastructure bill.

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Apps And Other Tools Can Save Time, Money During Tax Season

11 April 2021

Receipts, like memories, tend to fade with time. That’s just one reason to digitize and track tax-related information.

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