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Homemade Masks Work: Depending On How They’re Made

18 September 2021

Since the spread of virus causing COVID-19 continues, experts recommended wearing homemade facemasks when surgical or N95 masks are not available to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

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How Fauci And NIH Got Ahead Of FDA And CDC In Backing Boosters

17 September 2021

In January — long before the first jabs of covid-19 vaccine were even available to most Americans — scientists working under Dr. Anthony Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases were already thinking about potential booster shots.

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Guilty pleasures

Guilty Pleasures Are Difficult To Give Up

16 September 2021

If character is defined by what we do, I’m in trouble. Yes, I perform some worthwhile, productive services here and there, but so much of my existence is spent on time-wasting drivel.

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Rapid Tests Expensive, Even After Biden’s Push For Lower Prices

15 September 2021

Rapid at-home covid tests are flying off store shelves across the nation and are largely sold out online as the delta variant complicates a return to school, work and travel routines.

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River Boat

Tourists, Locals Keeping Mississippi River Cruises Busy

14 September 2021

In Dubuque, river cruises are a source of fun and excitement for tourists and locals alike. Behind the scenes, captains and crews navigate the Mississippi River, taking note of water levels, currents and river traffic as they journey through the water and the river’s system of locks and dams.

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Boosters Are Coming But Who Will Get Them And When?

13 September 2021

COVID-19 booster shots may be coming for at least some Americans but already the Biden administration is being forced to scale back expectations — illustrating just how much important science still has to be worked out.

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