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Can Text Messaging Help Reduce Drinking Problem?

29 June 2022

Older adults , those more than 50 years of age, who consume alcohol beyond healthy drinking guidelines are a growing public health concern.

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Prediabetes Diagnosis, No Reason To Fret: Just Eat Better, Exercise

28 June 2022

Almost half of older adults ,more than 26 million people 65 and older, have prediabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How concerned should they be?

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No Time for Self Care? Even Small Doses Can Help

27 June 2022

The act of self care means using strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance our well-being.

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Medicare Spent Billions On Drugs Without Confirmed Clinical Benefits

26 June 2022

The U.S. federal government spent an estimated $1.8 billion in Medicare funds in 2019 on drugs whose clinical benefits have yet to be confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Storage Cabinets That Go Well Beyond The Utilitarian

25 June 2022

You might think of storage cabinets as utilitarian. But designers are forever fascinated with how a simple cupboard can be built, dressed and adorned in ways that showcase craftsmanship and inventiveness.

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CDC Panel Recommends Older Adults Get Souped-Up Flu Vaccines

24 June 2022

Americans 65 and older should get newer, souped-up flu vaccines because regular shots don’t provide them enough protection, a federal advisory panel said Wednesday.

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