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Leading a happy, healthy life

The Many Health Benefits Of Cycling

Getting outside on two wheels can improve health and fitness, build muscles and boost your mood. Plus, for most people, cycling is fun.

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Can breakfast help keep us thin? Maybe, if you can trust the studies

Cereal makers have happily encouraged the belief that eating breakfast can help keep us thin and bring other benefits, partly by paying for studies that seem to support the idea.

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Roxanne hugs a tree to live longer

Want to live longer? Read this to learn how

Hardly a day goes by that we aren’t confronted by the fact that we’re getting older. From the barrage of ads for anti-aging products, to the weird snap, crackle and pop noises our bodies start making.

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Why does running make us happy?

The joy of running. That sense of well being, freedom and extra energy that runners often experience is not just a matter of endorphins.

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How to short circuit hunger

One reason that dieting is so difficult is because of the unpleasant sensation arising from a persistent hunger drive.”

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Getting patients therapy may speed recovery

Hospitals have long nudged less critical patients out of bed, to prevent their muscles from wasting away. But studies in ICUs have shown that some of the sickest of the sick also could benefit.

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