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Having a Purpose Leads to Healthier, Longer Life

After making it through the maelstrom of middle age, many adults find themselves approaching older age wondering “what will give purpose to my life?” now that the kids have flown the nest and retirement is in the cards.

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Centenarians Have Lower Incidence Of Chronic Illness

The centenarian population is one of the fastest growing in the country, according to the United States Social Security Administration.

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Do You Suffer From A Longevity Disconnect?

Too many of us don’t realize that this boost in lifespan means we need to fund a retirement that could last for 20 or 30 years. This is what’s known as the longevity disconnect.

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Competing research finds caloric restriction helps us live longer

Restricting caloric intake could indeed extend our lives, according to a long awaited report. The settling of a scientific controversy shows that restricting calories helped rhesus monkeys live longer, healthier lives.

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Why eating hot peppers is matter of life and death

Like spicy food? If so, you might live longer, say researchers, who found that consumption of hot red chili peppers is associated with a 13 percent reduction in total mortality.

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Want to live longer? Read this to learn how

Hardly a day goes by that we aren’t confronted by the fact that we’re getting older. From the barrage of ads for anti-aging products, to the weird snap, crackle and pop noises our bodies start making.

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