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Why Many Exit The Hospital With Opiod Prescription

It’s a common scenario: Someone checks into a hospital for surgery or an illness and leaves with a prescription for an opioid painkiller, opening the door to long-term use and dependence.

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Emergency rooms not identifying elder abuse

Elder abuse affects approximately 1 in 10 older adults in the United States and has far-reaching negative effects on physical and mental health.

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America’s other drug problem: Copious prescriptions for hospitalized elderly

A doctor had prescribed blood pressure medication for a 99-year-old woman at a dose that could cause her to faint or fall. An 84-year-old woman hospitalized for knee surgery was taking several drugs that were not meant for older patients.

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Well-known hospitals fail to score 5 stars in new ratings

Just 102 hospitals received the top rating of five stars, and few are those considered as the nation’s best by private ratings sources such as U.S.

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Medicare releases draft proposal for patient observation notice

In just two months, a federal law kicks in requiring hospitals to tell their Medicare patients if they have not been formally admitted and why. But some physician, hospital and consumer representatives say a notice drafted by Medicare for hospitals to use may not do the job.

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The conveyor belt from hospital, home to nursing facility

By Al Norman A friend of mine recently took himself to the emergency room of a local hospital. He is a 70-year-old diabetic, and his temperature was 103 degrees. He has learned to react quickly to medical problems out of fear of his diabetes complications. The ER sent him back home with some pills to […]

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