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Slim Down Tips For A Healthier Summer

Summer means BBQs, beach time and swimsuits, but it could also mean a change in eating habits and not necessarily for the better.

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Cooking for 2: Eggplant Parmesan Without Extra Breadcrumbs Or Oil

Make-ahead meals and cooking for the freezer, once relegated to suburban supermoms who had it more together than the rest of us, are now trendy with the healthy-eating crowd.

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Four Easy Tips Can Contribute To Healthy Aging

When we talk about staying healthy longer a lot of us think of that as meaning physically healthy, but the cognitive piece is just as important.

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Super Bowl healthy snacks

Super Bowl: Healthy Half-Time Snacking Tips From A Pro

Healthy snacking and making good food choices can be difficult any time of the year, but it can be especially tough during the Super Bowl.

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Senior running a marathon in front of its group

Learning to Advance The Positives of Aging

From late-night TV comedy shows where supposedly clueless older people are the butt of jokes to ads for anti-aging creams equating youth with beauty and wrinkles with decay, harsh and unflattering images shape assumptions about aging.

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Cooking for 2: Tuna is Star of Asian-Inspired Salad

Canned tuna is underrated. Sure, we keep a can or two on hand for the occasional tuna salad sandwich, but most of us don’t stray far from the sandwich for this tasty and versatile protein.

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