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Asthma, More Deadly With Age, Takes Heavy Toll

Death rates for older adults with asthma are five times that of younger patients, according to a new review of asthma among seniors. And medical complications are more common.

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Low Medicaid Rates Limit Access to Assisted Living, Quality Care

More than 700,000 elderly and disabled Americans receive health care in residential care communities, such as assisted living facilities. As the population ages, this number will grow. A new study by RTI International found that low Medicaid payment rates for services in assisted living and similar settings discourage residential care providers from serving Medicaid beneficiaries, which […]

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Learn How to Avoid financial scams

Fraudsters are increasingly picking up the phone and using old-school tricks to steal your money by pretending to be a government worker or a family member in trouble.

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Some Older Adults Just Want To Be Left Alone, Which Can Lead To Problems

The 84-year-old man who had suffered a mini-stroke was insistent as he spoke to a social worker about being discharged from the hospital: He didn’t want anyone coming into his home, and he didn’t think he needed any help.

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They’ve Still Got Bucket Lists — In Their 90s

It is one thing to have a bucket list at any age. It is something else entirely to have a bucket list that sends you to college for the first time at 92 — or that sends you on your maiden flight at the controls of a single-engine airplane at 97.

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Trump Budget: A “Great” Hole In Economic Security

Rich people don’t need much financially from the federal government. But at the other end of the economic ladder, government can often play a critical role in protecting the well being of citizens.

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