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Roxanne and allergies

Springtime Allergies Could Be Age-Related Intolerance

Apparently, I have developed some later-in-life allergies. These aren’t the typical allergic reactions to things like springtime pollen, dust or animal dander. Instead, I’m having reactions to a variety of behaviors I encounter.

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Laurie with her sons, Patrick and Paul (from l to r)

Eight Things Every Mother with Grown Sons Knows

Moms of boys understand. When your kids are little, you think you’ll never survive the sticky hands, typhoon-force energy and non-stop “getting into things.”

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We Are Hooked On Vitamins Despite Scarce Evidence They Work

When she was a young physician, Dr. Martha Gulati noticed that many of her mentors were prescribing vitamin E and folic acid to patients.

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Oh, The Things We Remember From Decades Ago!

What’s your earliest childhood memory? I’m continually amazed at some of the stuff I can recall from when I was a kid, or inconsequential details from 30 or more years ago.

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Mindy with husband's family

How To Beat Disease As We Age: Foods to Avoid And Embrace

A common theme for me was that we are a generation struggling with resistant health issues due to myriad factors — stress, environmental issues and a tainted food supply tied to a politically motivated culture

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A Tale Of Love, Family Conflict And Battles Over Care For Aging Mother

“Edith + Eddie,” a short documentary vying for an Academy Award Sunday, is a gripping look at a couple in their 90s caught up in an intense family conflict over caring for an aging parent.

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