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Not Too Early To Plan: 5 Tips For Aging At Home

Many people may dream of retiring and moving away to a beach-side resort or cabin by the lake.

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Think You’re Too Old To Quit Smoking? Think Again

Even as overall smoking rates have declined, the rate has hardly budged among those 65 and older.

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Massachusetts Budget Hidden From Seniors

In June of 2017, the Massachusetts State legislature passed a budget that called for a “study of the cost effectiveness of the home care program including estimated savings from avoided nursing facility admissions.

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Does New Medicare Handbook Show Bias Toward Private Insurance Plans?

The Medicare Rights Center and two other groups argue that the draft contains inaccurate, ideologically tinted descriptions of the tradeoffs between original fee-for-service insurance and a privatized managed-care alternative. 

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Living Apart Together: A New Option For Older Adults

Three years ago, William Mamel climbed a ladder in Margaret Sheroff’s apartment and fixed a malfunctioning ceiling fan. “I love that you did this,” Sheroff exclaimed as he clambered back down.

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Aging: Will We Still Be Relevant ‘When We’re 64’?

A gnawing sense of irrelevancy and invisibility suddenly hits many aging adults, as their life roles shift from hands-on parent to empty nester or from workaholic to retiree. Self-worth and identity may suffer as that feeling that you matter starts to fade.

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