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Do You Find Yourself Wishing Time Away?

In high school, my weekend curfew was midnight. Mom told me that once I turned 18, however, I was of legal age and could do what I liked; including staying out as late as I wished.

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The Secret to Chronic Happiness as You Age

The real key to happiness at every age and stage, particularly old age, is not material things, but gratitude for life’s simple blessings, like laughter among friends or watching a sunset with a loved one.

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Having a Purpose Leads to Healthier, Longer Life

After making it through the maelstrom of middle age, many adults find themselves approaching older age wondering “what will give purpose to my life?” now that the kids have flown the nest and retirement is in the cards.

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Four Ways to Maintain Those Pearly White Teeth

Many older adults, who haven’t had tooth decay since childhood, are surprised to suddenly start getting it again. As we age, our health and habits change.

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Study Reveals Drinking Alcohol Makes You Older

In a new study, researchers found that alcoholic patients had a greater risk for age-related illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

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Aging Alone: Putting In Place An A-Team Of Allies

Millions of older adults are in a similar situation, peering into an uncertain future without knowing whom they can count on to be at their side.

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