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Taxation of Social Security Benefits Contentious

Little in the IRS tax code draws more unfavorable response than the rules around the taxation on Social Security benefits. As contentious as that feature of the system can be, it is here to stay.

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How Reverse Mortgage Rule Change Affects Borrowers

The loans allow homeowners age 62 or older to borrow against the value of a home, with no need to repay the loan until the borrower dies or sells the home.

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Despite Social Security Boost, Rising Medicare Part B Premiums Create Bind

Millions of seniors will soon be notified that Medicare premiums for physicians’ services are rising and likely to consume most of the cost-of-living adjustment they’ll receive next year from Social Security.

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As Retirement Age Creeps Up, Health Worsens

The researchers  say their findings have implications for any proposals to change the Social Security retirement age, pushing it higher for people now in their 50s and below in order to stretch the federal budget.

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Buyer Beware: Long-Term Care Costs Surging

Long-term care costs can impose a crushing financial burden on individuals or families in part because private health insurance and Medicare offer only limited help.

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Boomers, Continuing Care Retirement Communities Want You

In her semi-retirement, Pat Kidd enjoys tennis every other day, plus daily trips to the gym and jet setting around the world.

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