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How To Beat Disease As We Age: Foods to Avoid And Embrace

A common theme for me was that we are a generation struggling with resistant health issues due to myriad factors — stress, environmental issues and a tainted food supply tied to a politically motivated culture

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War Is Coming: Panic Over Impending Social Security Crisis

Boomers inherited a fantastically wealthy country, and have, through a whole variety of methods, looted the patrimony left to them, and now expect to suck on Social Security and Medicare until they die, leaving behind misery.

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Is Massachusetts Ready To Be An ‘Age Friendly’ State?

In his Third State of the Commonwealth speech on Jan. 23, 2018, Gov. Charlie Baker announced “that AARP has formally designated Massachusetts as one of only two age-friendly states in the country.”

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The Power Of Taking Action: Join AARP Maine For “Tuesdays At The State House”

MAINE — Each year, thousands of Mainers help shape the course of legislative action at the state and federal level by contacting their legislators and Members of Congress on critical issues. When you write or call, legislators listen. Often it is this personal involvement that makes the difference between success and failure when it comes […]

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Roxanne: Disbelief

The Suspension Of Disbelief, Can You Do It?

When someone’s driving a car and talking to the person in the passenger seat, and keeps looking at the passenger instead of where he/she’s going, I just want to scream, “Keep your eyes on the road, you idiot!”

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Honoring Your Personal Journey

It’s February and presumably you are continuing to stay committed to the goals you set for yourself as the New Year began.

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